January 26, 2015

Celebrating Together Ness


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My dear Special Someone, I don’t know when I will meet you or how I will meet you. But I do know that, I will DEFINITELY meet you. You might not be my knight in shining armour or a sleek prince charming, but you will certainly be the ‘chosen one’.

And given a chance to control unlimited powers on the coming Valentine’s Day; what do you think I would do rather than celebrate with YOU!

My 10-point checklist for #CelebratingTogtherNess:
Starting time- 00.00 AM Time left – 24 hours

10. Discover YOU
My quest to know you would never end, so I would use my powers and dig in deep into your heart & mind to find the REAL you. Of course you would be like a onion, I would have to peel you layer by layer. And I will do, coz the reason is YOU

Current time- 04.00 AM Time left – 20 hours

9. Get it done
After the 4 hour nirvana that I engaged with to know you, I would chart out a course to do and make this day the most memorable for you; along with the special handmade stationery ready and in place for you.

Current time- 06.30 AM Time left – 17.5 hours

 8. The Pleasant Morning
Nudging you slowly, I would wake you up partly hidden and push you in for the morning chores and while you are in, I would magically cook up your favorite breakfast with a tiny handmade note, asking you to nibble in and wait for me. Of course I’ll wave the ‘patience’ wand on your mind to play the hide-and-seek with me :)

Current time- 09.00 AM Time left – 15 hours

7.  The Treasure Hunt - 1
I’ll leave a trail of handmade love notes to magically appear in front of you in sequence to guide you to the hidden gifts.

First gift being the tickets to your favorite game – with your friends. Angels in disguise, your friends would be few of the most appreciated people that I would have. After all, they love the real you, just like I do! Oh, I love the glee on your face. Moving on…

Second gift is the art you have been looking to learn but you haven’t really received a push. I’ll push you higher and higher :) and walk you through that art you have been wishing to pursue. Yes Baby, I love you!

Current time- 11.00 AM Time left – 13 hours

6. The Treasure Hunt - 2

My third gift would be an appreciation letter, mentioning all the lovely things, bouts of happiness and sweet nothings that you have filled my life. You might not even know how much joy certain ones gave me, but here’s a peek into it :)

Fourth gift is a special coupon book. Why special? Flip it through and you’ll see ;)

Current time- 1.00 PM Time left – 11 hours

5. The Treasure Hunt – 3

Remember our first date? Here’s the fifth gift. The clothes you wore on that special day.  Dress up and walk out of the door, what do you see? :D Ah yes, that’s your favorite car; all set to bring you closer to me.

Current time- 2.00 PM Time left – 10 hours

4. The Meeting

As I wait for you at the beach, I’ll have your favorite love song’s instrumental being played when you arrive. No I’ll have no stone unturned. I know that smile you will sport, when you recognize the tune, once you have stepped out.
Lunch at the Beach
Thank you for the warm hug that you and I will share as we meet and greet. Then I’ll hold your hands and walk you to the table. Chivalrous? Yes I am and will always be!

After the giggles and talks that we have with our lunch, let’s have a walk by the beach. The one that we always do when free!

Walk on the beach
 Current time- 5.00 PM Time left – 7 hours

3. Play with Snow

Time for some action. Let’s step back in the magical car and I’ll take you to a location you’ll love. Just around the green valley, lies a big snow alley! Making snow angels will be one of our tasks as the sun sets bringing the dark. 

Snow Angel

Current time- 7.30 PM Time left – 4.30 hours

2. Dinner Date

Remember our first dinner date? The one we carried out spontaneously on that tiring Monday post office gorging that amazing Alfredo pasta & noodles? Let’s go grab that one back!

Current time- 10.30 PM Time left – 1.30 hours

1. Under the starry blanket
Under the stars
Knowing your love and fascination for the stars, let’s get back to our love abode where a special terrace awaits you. Let’s see who counts the most stars. As the night draws in, we’ll share a quick moment where I’ll let you know that:

Mission Romantic getaway accomplished! <3 <3 <3

Romantic & exciting adventure wasn’t it? Maybe I could try something like this on our 10th anniversary *wink. What are you waiting for come to me soon :D!!!


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