January 26, 2015

Gear up to Get Set Bolt - Tata Motors


It all started with a casual weekend getaway to my favorite mall and little did I know what I had in store. Strolling casually by the lanes of Phoenix MarketCity, Kurla; My eyes cast a glance at a majestic looking red beast, placed intriguingly in the atrium with the words Get. Set. Bolt.
The Bolt Arena

Check out the teaser

Yes, that’s right. India’s largest Automotive Company -Tata Motors, had launched its latest car in the hatchback segment named – BOLT. Focused majorly on today’s ever enthusiastic youth; BOLT aims to reflect the energy and dynamism of today’s GenNext.

And how does it match the dynamism? What’s cutting edge in this new car?

1. Space & Comfort

In today’s tech age; absolutely no one compromises on Space or Comfort. Even though being in the Hatchback segment; BOLT packs in a huge spacious environment making not just the driver but even the passengers feel superior and luxurious. Adding to this is the specially crafted rugby shoulder seats – tall & sturdy for comfortable drives.

Bolt - Rugby Shoulder Seats

A fully automatic AC with controls on the Touchscreen (powered by ConnectNext Infotainment by HARMAN) makes sure the heat never gets to you.

The edgy power steering has additional buttons which ensures that you wouldn’t have to shift your hands away.

Bolt - Steering

2. Great, so what about Safety?

Safety is a major concern (especially for the Indian Parents ;) LOL) and BOLT offers GenNext Safety thanks to the features viz. Dual Front Airbags, Speed Sensing Auto locks, Smart Rear Wiper (which starts of when you switch to reverse gear provided the wiper is ON), Corner Stability Control and a 9th GEN ABS(Antilock Braking System) by Bosch which ensures safety and prevents wheel lock-up in cases of emergency braking.

3. Impressive, but what’s today’s world without Connectivity!

Ah, that’s a nice question. Like I mentioned earlier, the BOLT comes with an inbuilt ConnectNext Touchscreen by HARMANTM  which is intuitive and easy-to-use. It combines the entertainment features (Music, Radio, USB, Video Playback) along with the features of the car (AC, GPS Navigation). MapMyIndia TM, in collaboration with HARMAN has designed a navigation system that uses android smartphones for the GPS Navigation.

The Advanced Voice Recognition Feature allows you to take calls, change tracks and control the AC and even reads out SMS from your smarthphone. High quality surround audio effect can be experienced with the 4 speakers and 4 tweeters placed strategically in BOLT.

4. Whoa, that’s great. So what’s special in the Engine?

BOLT boasts of India’s first 1.2L Turbocharged Petrol MPFi(Multi point fuel injection) engine – Revotron which provides great driving maneuverability, without compromising on power or fuel efficiency. Coupled with high-end torque of 140 NM at low 1500 rpm; BOLT allows fewer gearshifts and quicker acceleration. The new engine is light weight which ensures low thermal inertia and also aids quick warm up resulting in minimum fuel wastage and lower pollutant emission.

For the diesel variant, BOLT offers the Quadrajet 1.3 engine (from the ZEST) which offers a smooth experience and makes up for pleasant drives.

Here’s a better list of specifications:

Bolt - Technical Specifications

5. Very Impressive, what’s with the Multi Drive feature?

The Multi drive feature combines both mileage and power. Choose your mode from - Sport-mode for Power, Eco-mode for mileage and City-mode for a balance between the former two; all in just a single switch.

#TRIVIA – Multi drive is only available in the Petrol Variants.

6. Hmm, and the Design?

The sporty look of BOLT comes with the Dynamic Alloy wheels, Flame shaped tail lamps and snazzy JAVA Black interiors. BOLT also offers additional boot space (by folding the rear seats down) which is amazing for getaways. Apart from the Venetian Red, BOLT also comes in Platinum Silver, Dune Beige, Sky Grey and Pristine White (Did you seriously expect me to turn the font to white? LOL).

#AhemAhem – I personally love SKY GREY <3 <3 <3 !!

Wanna compare BOLT with Swift, Elite i20, Grand i10, Figo and Liva – Click here >> http://bolt.tatamotors.com/comparison.php

Here’s a quick look at all the features once again:

Some pictures from the BOLT Arena:

Bolt - The Red Beast - Venetian Red

That's me with Ashish who assisted me at The Bolt Arena

Bolt shines better :P

Guess whom I met there !? Narain Karthikeyan, I was so smitten <3 <3 <3

Ah no, I didn’t meet him, that was a trick photo

Different from the rest isn’t it? I have signed up for the test drive and I am eagerly looking forward to it. So are you ready to Get >> Set >> Bolt?

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