January 22, 2015

Miss Pimple Dimple


“Good Morning Miss Pimple Dimple!”grinned Ayush.

“What ...what did you say, Ayush?” screamed Dimple.

“I said Good morning Miss Pimple Dimple! You know sometimes I wonder, if this is some strange form of the Pox disease where you get these random huge eruptions all over your face …” chuckled Ayush

“Mom…“ Dimple whined.

“Oh C’mon Dimple! Your younger brother is just teasing you…ignore him “Mom replied as she fixed the breakfast.

“You know Dimple, I wish I had a golf club with me right now, so that I can hit that huge ball sitting on top of your nose“, Ayush was not stopping...

“What nose... eeeeeeeekkkks… this can’t be!! Dimple screamed after feeling the eruption on her nose and rushed to take a look at her face in the mirror.

There was a fresh red pimple right on the tip of her nose.

“Why me!!?? Why me!!?? All the time! Every time! I hate this life!! Why today?!!?

“Sweetie don’t worry, it is a part of growing up.” Mom replied consolingly.

“Mom…how much more will I grow ... I am already 21 and working. And I have a presentation tomorrow”. How in the world am I supposed to present looking like this? This is my very first presentation in the New Year. I don’t want people focusing on my nose instead of my work” cried Dimple.

“Don’t worry… no one will care… and it will be better by tomorrow. Use some astringent and you‘ll be okay. Now get ready, else you‘ll be late for your office”.

“Eeeehuuuu!! What happened to you? Did you get hurt? Why you have a Band-Aid on your nose? “gasped Gargi, as soon as she saw Dimple entering the office.

“This happened…” Dimple mumbled removing the Band-Aid, and pointing to her pimple.

“Oh gosh! That’s a big one!! But why in the world have you put a Band-Aid on top of it? It looks ridiculous …” exclaimed Gargi.

“What do I do Gargi? I don’t want people to focus on my nose.” bleated dimple.

“And you think they won’t focus on your Band-Aid …”Gargi exclaimed.

“What do I do Gargi, Do you know what happened in the elevator today …”

“Oh yeah your cute elevator guy…” exclaimed Gargi

“He was there in the elevator and I had to cover half of my face with my scarf to hide this obnoxious pimple. And he was giving me this uncanny smile as if he has seen a funny looking alien. I hope he is not thinking I have some infectious disease with that scarf on…” cried dimple

“Or maybe he is thinking he smells so bad that you have to cover your face! “Giggled Gargi.

“As soon as I stepped out of the lift I put on this band aid so that I can avoid those peculiar looks I am getting. Gargi... please help me … I can’t go on like this…”

“Come on sweetheart...  Here let us try to cover it with a bit of concealer, so that we can hide the redness.” Gargi replied pulling Dimple towards the restroom.

“It has not completed hidden the bump... but at least it decent now.

Dimple felt a little better and was ready to face the rest of the day.

“Vidya, I needed some information from you for my presentation tomorrow.” Dimple asked peeking into the adjacent cubicle.

“Is your nose swollen…or you got some allergy…? Ah! It is a pimple you are hiding …” teased the oh-so-vicious Vidya, Dimple’s professional rival.

“Well ya that’s a pimple… but that is not important now... I just emailed you regarding the information I need from your end. Could you please reply to that...”murmured Dimple trying to close the embarrassing conversation with Vidya.

“Okay! I will take a look right away maam! “Vidya replied sarcastically moving towards her desktop to check on the email.

Dimple felt heavy. This pimple episode was getting too much for her and she needed a break from this.

“I can’t take this anymore maybe I should just go home early today” Dimple thought to herself.

“Dimple, how come you are home early today? “Mom was surprised.

“Mom, I need to prepare for my presentation in a peaceful place. So I just decided to work on it from home.”

Dimple worked on her presentation and before going to bed, she decided to try out the herbal mix of Neem Leaves and Tea Tree oil she had googledfrom the internet.

“I’ll do everything it takes to get rid of this pimple!”

The presentation is going well so far but wait; what is happening to Dimple’s nose? The pimple… it is growing!! It has become gigantic! It is going to erupt like a volcano… and bang….!! The pus lava…!! It is everywhere… people are running away from the presentation… Dimple is screaming…please wait… please hear me out…

“Dimple wake up. You have to get ready for office...”Mom called out.

“It was a dream! No no...It was a nightmare!! Thank God it is over!” Dimple thought aloud and rushed to the mirror to examine her face.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA …I am going to die...” Dimple was almost in tears.

How she wished the pimple would magically disappear, as soon as she would look in the mirror. But there it was. A little less red than yesterday but still shinning; on the tip of her nose. Thinking there is nothing much she could do about it now, she decided to focus on her presentation.  She dressed up well in formals and reached office.

She tried to work on the last bit of her presentation but every now and then her focus was shifting to her pimple.

“Hey Dimple, I am sorry to inform you but we have postpone the presentation for tomorrow. There is this unplanned client visit happening today, and we just can’t accommodate for the presentation.” It was Siddharth, Dimple’s boss.

“Oh ok! No worries. Guess I just have some more time in hand“. Dimple meekly smiled at him.

Dimple felt a bit disappointed as she was well prepared to face the presentation but somewhere in her heart she also had this small hope that maybe by tomorrow, her pimple would subside and she might look a little better.

The day passed on and Gargi approached Dimple for the evening tea and they decided to go to the nearby café.

“Oh lord”! He is here! And he is giving me that funny look again! Gosh, I forgot my scarf! What do I do Gargi? Why do I have to look so ugly today with this pimple…?” murmured Dimple looking at her elevator guy sitting on the opposite table in the café.

 “C’mon, he can’t even spot your pimple from that far. Moreover he wears specs and see, he has taken them off. Maybe he is trying to impress you with his brown eyes!” winked Gargi.

“Gargi, please, this is not funny. I am so fed up with this whole situation. I wish I could just find some magic potion that would solve this pimple problem.” moaned Dimple.

“Well what about that mix you tried last night, what was it like?” questioned Gargi.

“Oh, the Neem leaves and Tea Tree mix, it reduced the redness a bit but that’s it!” answered Dimple.

“Hey I have heard this combination somewhere else before, ummm what was it, yeah the Pure Active Face Wash by Garnier, tried it?” an amazed Dimple looked at her mum.

“Not yet. This is my chance. Let’s go get it!” exclaimed Dimple.

The day ended but Dimple’s worries were still haunting her. She had grabbed a pack of the Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash and tried it twice once after coming home, once before going to sleep. As she lied on her bed she silently prayed for her pimple to disappear and her presentation to go off well.

Be…Be…Beep Dimple’s alarm went off and she closed her eyes with her palms as she walked to the bathroom mirror hoping her nightmares didn’t come true.

The next thing she knew was; everyone complimented her for the wonderful presentation and her professional look that she carried. And the elevator guy looked stunned as he discovered Dimple’s pretty dimples.

“It worked Gargi, the new Neem face Wash is really effective from the first use itself. Thanks to Garnier I love my clear and pure skin!” grinned Dimple

“And yes we all do especially the new found confidence, Hi5” exclaimed Gargi.

Like Dimple, many of us have faced similar situations, where pimples lower our confidence and bring dull-ness in our day to day life. And like Gargi mentioned, we all love the confident sides of ourselves, then why let the pollution hamper it?

Go grab your pack soon :)

Until then,


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