January 31, 2015

Things that define me as a woman #UseYourAnd


Things that define ‘ME’

I am a mountaineering enthusiast and a seasonal swimmer. I love to engulf myself in the arms of adventure every now and then. I am a traveler and an amateur teacher. All these varying roles give me an opportunity to delve deep into the various dimensions of life.

I am a mother, a wife and a daughter too. But still, I do not wish to forget this little fact that I am much more beyond this and there is still a lot to be discovered about myself and the world around me. In fact I keep a little diary with me where I list down all the things I want to explore & learn and keep referring to it every now and then.

There are a multitude of things which I love to do and guess what? Cooking does not fall in that assortment. Unlikely? Not for me. I believe that the desire to cook should not be related to your gender but your aspiration alone.

 Rather, I would say, I love to run. My last half marathon was two months back in Hyderabad and it was an exhilarating experience. I am also a random hiker. Every time I get an opportunity to join a group for hiking, it is hard for me to resist. Each hike gives me a tremendous sense of fulfillment and nature connect.

This is not all! I have more to share. I often find myself engaged in debates at my toastmasters club where I enjoy voicing my opinions. I spend time on those mind boggling puzzles and games and yes I write code too! This should not come as a surprise since I am a Software professional. Luckily, my job is an expression to bring out the hidden geeky desires I possess.

There is a contradiction to this “Techie Geek”, since I am trying to understand the concepts of Vedic astrology. Although I might find many skeptics around that discussion! But they all seem to have an intersecting point of interest when it comes to music! Don’t we all love music?  I struggled in the past to learn the guitar but this has not in any way affected my undying passion for music.

And this year’s best achievement for me is undoubtedly the fact that I have started my education again after almost ten years of leaving college.  Well, I am still a mother, a wife AND a daughter. But like I said, I am so much more too. And I am sure you can see that now…

The woman defined above is one of my most adorned cousins. I am glad you #UseYourAnd
Wonder Woman - A woman of substance

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