February 10, 2015

A love of rhythms & blues…


“HEY! Yeah, I am coming right away. No. I want them blue. He loves blue!” I stuffed the phone into my bag and fished for my house keys. I ran across the hall checking myself for the last time in the mirror. Blue Levis check, tank top check, cover shrug check and peep-toes check. Perfect! I run out of my house and drive off towards the mall, thinking how Zain must’ve reacted to the gift.

My excited bff, Mehek was eagerly waiting in the harsh sun with her armour of expletives on her mark. “Shanaya, Babe! You almost burnt me!” she spurted out as I hugged her giggling. “All set for the surprise?” she asked. “Yes Maam” I replied promptly. Oh Zain I just can’t wait to tell you the magical words.

As we approached the food court where my prince charming and other bff Varun were waiting, my heart almost skipped a beat. Dressed in a blue jeans and a pink shirt; Zain looked so casual yet dapper. His hair slightly fell on his forehead and yet his thick eyebrows made him stand out of the crowd. A clean shaven jaw line and arsenal read sneakers, he looks so perfect! “Fix your blush babe!” Mehek whispered in my ear.

I saw his face light up when he locked his eyes with me and flashed his super cute smile. Gosh I died a hundred deaths! Just few more minutes my dear, few more minutes. “Heya girls, did you know the breaking news?” Varun couldn’t stop himself.

“I don’t know who she is ya. I don’t know…” Zain started of only to be stopped by Mehek “her? Who her? Ah now I see, Flowers & Heart Shaped box of chocolates? Ooooooohhhhh Heart shaped an all huh Zain? Whos she whos she?

“The mysterious girl strikes again. First the letter, then the bouquet and now the chocolates!” With a tensed look, Zain turned to me and I didn’t wanna give the surprise away. I continued mehek’s flow of tease, “Oh my god Zain, you have a secret admirer?”

“No No No Shanaya. I don’t know who she is? I just received the gifts all of a sudden. Please understand.” Zain tried to explain while Mehek and Varun muffled their giggles.

Poking Zain from the back Varun handed me the perfumed letter and I read it aloud.

Meet me at XOXO Café, 4 PM sharp as I croon to your favorite song.
Be there!
Happy Birthday!
XOXO Your Girl

“My god Zain she really likes you. Gosh it’s about to be four. Ready for the surprise?” I poked Zain as he looked too amused to respond.
“No No Shanaya. I mean I don’t know who she is and why she likes me and…”

“Enough, I command your presence at the XOXO Café” Mehek grabbed Zain and walked ahead with Varun following the suit. Slow and steady I walked behind them keeping a distance and trying to act as if I am checking my phone.

“Varun, only you can save me from this. You know I like Shanaya and I was gonna tell it to her tonight after my birthday party. See I don't wanna upset Shanaya at any cost. She's already looking like she's sulking. Why should I even entertain some stranger…”
“Dude, who knows this new girl might be hot!” Varun cut him off.
Zain punched Varun playfully and dragged his steps to the Café as I slid into the backdoor.

“All set?” I enquired with Café Manager.

“Yes Maam” he replied with a courteous smile as he handed me the guitar.

The curtains were drawn and the music system was connected. My seat was placed between the blue and red balloons. Thank god they managed the blue ones. He loves blues after all. I quickly wrapped up my shrug in my bag and took my position.

I could see Mehek and Varun dragging Zain to the front and waiting for the curtains to open. Everyone had eyes on the curtain but Zain looked around. Was he searching for me? Hehe

And I took once last look at my tank top, the one Zain gifted me last year at the valentine’s prom night.

XOXO Valentine

Oh god please make this successful, I started off with the tune as the curtains drew away and everyone applauded. “Look who’s here” Mehek exclaimed with glee as Zain turned around and recognized my face, the tank top and the words XOXO. “Go Shanaya, XOXO Girl” Varun cheered from the crowd. I was too shy to look up so I started off:

Faili thi siyaan raatein, Aaya tu subah leke
Bewajah si zindagi mein, Jeene ki wajah leke
Khoya tha samandaron mein, Tanha safina mera
Sahilon pe aaya hai tu, Jaane kis tarah leke

Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta, Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kaise hum jaane humein kya pata, Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta

I mustered the courage and looked up at Zain and there he was eyes fixed on me and flashing his amazing smile;

Ab kya hai kehna, Humko hai rehna
Jannatein bhulaa ke, Teri baahon mein panaah leke

Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta, Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kaise hum jaane humein kya pata, Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta

Amazing isn’t it? If I were to ever propose to my special someone I would do it like this. With rhythms (my partner’s favorite songs) and the blues (my favorite color). I got the idea for this from:
The video - http://bit.ly/1uFjrAC



Nice isn’t it? So my special someone, where are you hiding?

Come on out Now :D !


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