February 2, 2015

Ramayana - The Game of Life : The Shattered Dreams - Review


Book: Ramayana - The Game of Life : The Shattered Dreams
Series: The Game of Life
Author: Shubha Vilas
Publisher: Jaico
Genre: Mythological/Self Help
Level (Easy/Medium/Hard): Easy
Price (as printed): 395 INR

The second installment of The Game of Life trilogy; the book stands out with the way it links our day-to-day life situations with the story of Ramayana.
Ramayana - Shattered Dreams - By Shubha Vilas

The book picks up from where it ended, Ram and Sita’s blissful wedding. Though a slow start, the story grips on as you progress. Day to Day situations are blended with the story from the book making the reader ponder over their own self/behavior. I rate this book a 3/5 for the different style of write-up and linking.


Though I couldn’t get an opportunity to read the first book; Ramayana being a common story didn’t make me feel that I left out on something. Additionally, a paragraph is dedicated to rewind to the first book which I must say is very well written. Shubha Vilas Das portrays Rama’s journey and life with simplicity which brings today’s mortal being and the lord on the same ground. This establishes a connect with the reader and helps them relate to the situations and understand the fundamentals of life better.

The quality of research done is apt and as required, with certain scenes having intricate detailing; allowing readers to create visuals of the situations. As for the story, it walks you through the start of Rama’s exile. Considering the numerous mini Ramayana’s I have read where the focus is only on the key characters; here various characters have been thoroughly explored for e.g. – Kaikeyi, Manthara, Urmila (I totally loved the details) and every character teaches us something about life. Ravan has been given a short cameo ;P as he will play an important role in the upcoming book.  Considering that this is a 6-book series, I guess the next in series will explore the exile in particular and the entry of Ravan.

The writing style throughout is simple and consistent. The foot notes give deep insights of wisdom. But being a normal reader, I actually had teething problems adjusting to the notes; Every time I read a note I gave some thought to the note and then when I returned to the story I had to re-read some lines to get back in the scene. Similarly, I skipped a few notes until I reached a perfect line-break to avoid losing the flow hehe.

The foot notes not only imbibe wisdom but also motivate the reader to practice and nurture positivity, stay detached from happiness/sadness, be self less even in trying times. The author concludes that the situations one faces and the decisions they take; have an effect propagated to the rest of the world. Like all of us are interconnected and the decisions impact the whole world in some way or the other.

Post completing the book, I think I should get my hands on the first part as well :)

Till then…


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