March 21, 2015

Cinderella – 2015 Movie Review


Do you believe in Magic?
Disney Cinderella Move Preview

Well if you ask me – I do.

As a part of a special preview, I had the chance to catch Cinderella before the announced release date and frankly speaking, I really liked the movie.

Disney Cinderella Invite

Being a lover of mushy love stories and strong emotions, I loved the way the magic was crafted in this movie, across the beautiful landscapes and visual effects. All the actors played their part with a crisp distinction and it was almost like retelling the old tale. Here’s a little info for those who do not know much about this movie.

Cinderella (2015 film) is a romantic fantasy film based on the original Cinderella Fairytale. Slated to release in India on 20th March 2015, Cinderella is a nice one time watch mostly for children, women and adults who enjoy fairytales/light romance.

I rate the movie 3/5 for the amazing landscapes, smooth storytelling and steady pace throughout the movie.

Catch the trailer here - 

The lullaby in the movie is one I have by-hearted by now, totally loved it:
 Lavender Blue dilly dilly, Lavender green;
When you’ll be King dilly dilly, I will be queen

What I must say is the way the original message of the author is captured in the movie. And here’s how it goes:

At the moment of truth, when Cinderella is about to meet Prince Charming as her true self; it’s not about what he will think or what he will do. The real risk is accepting you the way you are. This message stands true in every aspect of life today. People change, situations change but finding a partner who will accept you with all your flaws and compliment you in every step of your life, is truly rewarding. Never let go of such a person.

Did you get a chance to see the movie too? Share your views with me.



  1. The real risk is accepting you the way you are. This message stands true in every aspect of life today.
    Loved the message :)

  2. Yeah, well said. Looking forward to watch the movie too.


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