March 11, 2015

Easy Mumbai Getaway – Head to Hotels

The festival of Holi just passed by and so did a long weekend. Every time a long weekend comes around, people start planning. Go for recent Movies? Baby’s day out? Shopping frenzy? Watch the sports editions? Go to the farmhouse/hill stations/relatives hangout? Catching up with people you love, what to do, what not to do… the list never ends. The long weekends call for relaxing vacations as the tired body yearns for a comfortable stay. What’s better than an easy getaway!

Being a lazy person, my holiday options are quite limited. Neither do I want to drive for long, nor do I wanna stay away from healthy food and plus I want to be close to the city amenities too. This eliminates the long drives, far off hill stations, tiring treks or wildlife sightings, places reachable from train travel and theme parks. Well it’s not the fun part or the photography sessions that I am looking for here. My aim is to simply relax and unwind. To get up late, get a spa, watch all my favorite TV shows, swim in a pool late at night, enjoy scenic views and still be able to munch on yummy delicacies. With so many conditions the only option is to check in to - hotels near Mumbai

Easy na? Yes, indeed. Search for hotels in Navi Mumbai and zero down on the option that has all the amenities you need. Of course this comes with a price too, but if I find the perfect hotel bookings in Mumbai then why not? Checking in to a hotel of my choice with the right amenities has me checking all my to-dos in “my type of holiday” checklist.

Holiday checklist - Image

And then, it’s easy to convince friends to join too. Bribe them with all the amenities and woo them with the pictures of the destination and what will they reply with? YES, YES YES. This is way easier than getting someone say “I do” hahahaha.

On second thoughts, Why wait for a long weekend to check in to a hotel? When you can do the same on any tiring weekend/weekday! You know what to do the next time you want to get away from your monotony. Book a place and chillax.

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