March 29, 2015

Invisible for a day


Invisibility has long been fantasized by almost all of us. Every one of us has watched the movies that have fictionalized the invisibility concept and Shekhar Kapoor pioneered that in Indian cinema with Mr. India and we have been beguiled by superheroes since our childhood. I, being very specific in this sentence, have been very fascinated by superheroes. From A like Aqua girl to Z like Zatana, superpowers and superhuman features have always been a prerequisite for my kind of hero. And this isn’t blowing it right out of measurable proportions. Every girl has been at one stage enchanted by the likes of Wonder Woman and Hawk girl and every boy has donned underwear over his regular pants trying to imitate Batman, Superman or Wolverine. It’s always been one big dream for all of us to be one of those outside-underwear, long pants, spandex tights wearing people. Take a minute and think what would you do if you were to go invisible? This makes us realize that there is so much we want to do, there is so less we would think of doing. In the world all the things that we can see and touch has certain attributes, so some are valued more and some less. Nobody has ever been invisible except ghosts, but if I could be invisible, I would try to make this world a better place to live in.

Not only me but if anybody was granted this wish, the first thing they would do is to confirm that they are invisible. Once that is confirmed, initial reaction would be, 'this is amazing!’ I would try my hands on small "crimes". Small, the reason being to enjoy the fun out of it without getting caught. Like skipping signals, stalking my boyfriend (Not really a crime huh?). But seriously, if you are invisible; you can’t be seen by anyone. Common sense! But this is actually cool if you ponder a little over it. No more running from the people you want to evade! You wouldn’t even need any alibi if you’ve got this one. If you are being chased, you can quite conveniently transform yourself into an invisible entity and drift away. Quite formidable!

The first thing I would like to do is take revenge. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Every one of us at some point of time has considered seeking revenge on our foes and enemies. People, who gossiped about us, people who bullied us and almost everybody we hate for some reason. I remember watching a Hollywood movie. Hollowman though the movie itself wasn’t something that one would have a pleasant memory of but, the way how the guy becomes invisible and how he stalks his girlfriend and also gets back at his enemies was something that intrigues me to this very day, diabolic and gruesome manner. But my idea is mildly terrifying and extremely playful.

The second thing I would like to do is play pranks, drive and freak out my friends and family. I remember a friend once telling me a joke about two people sitting in the backseat of a car and being spooked out after a seeing a bodiless hand appearing out of nowhere and steering the car around the turns. Of course, the car was being pushed by a man from outside. Since then, I wanted to play such a practical joke. I'd love to get a laugh scaring people by moving their stuff around, loudly playing the piano, or writing, 'I'm watching you' on a whiteboard . Being able to move about like Hollowman and driving vehicles to freak out the pedestrians and other onlookers is a very alluring idea. Giving a slight apparition to people and then leaving it to their sense to speculate the rest is one thing everyone would do with this superpower. Ever seen a movie with a poltergeist touch? Objects flying around, doors opening up and shutting on their own, and lights switching on and off without any human interference. This scenario is the most common gimmick in horror movies. But just imagine something so spooky happening in real life. The expressions on the face of the victim of such a prank would be priceless. Being out of sight and playing such a prank is one of the best things that one could do. For me this thing is surely a cool idea – leaving people with a face so pallid.
The next thing I would like to do is to spy. Each one of us has a little bit of espionage instinct in us. Listening in to private conversations, eavesdropping, snooping in to people’s talks that in no manner concern us; this is something that is more of a hidden, devilish vice within us. And though it doesn’t quite sound nice, people love doing it. Being invisible is a boon for the gossip extremists. Ethereality is the safest way for prying. This is a godlike version of one our vices.
The next thing will be to enter a Bank Vault and Withdraw a Huge Amount. I introduced this one so early because this would often be the first thing one would do if he or she becomes invisible. So this isn’t very cool now-a-days. Pulling off a bank heist isn’t something that beguiles me very much. First of all, this is something that I have seen in a lot of movies and secondly you can do this thing with other superpowers like superhuman strength and teleportation as well. And moreover stealing money and scrunching yourself up in some obscure corner isn’t something a superhero would do.
Next will be I will dress shabbily. I hate dress codes. And I hate dressing up for special occasions. I find it more appealing to roam around in my casuals, wearing a dingy t-shirt and a Capri and a pair of flip-flops. Dressing scruffily is one thing that imperceptibility can grant. Obliterating all party and dressing codes and roaming around unkemptly are one of the biggest advantages of this power. No fear of onlookers, no taunts from friends; just gate-crash a party, binge and come out. And it just struck me that invisibility is the only superpower that doesn’t require a formal costume. My old shorts and T-shirt would suffice. Along with dressing not-so-formally, wearing soiled clothes or the dirty ones is another benefit of being invisible and Stow away on a World Cruise Ship. I am an ardent traveler but a very economical and tight-fisted one. I would love travelling to some exotic destinations and try out new stuff but in the most frugal and niggardly manner. And the best way to seat myself in the saddle in such a manner is to be ulterior, being inconspicuous, being shrouded. The bland taste of the most exquisite caviar melting in your mouth, the viridity of the breeze from the most alluring destinations and that too for free; this sounds really inviting to me and hence, I would definitely stow away on a world cruise if given this superpower.
I would go to places without making a line, I would get in restaurants and eat as much as I want without paying the bill, I would get in peoples house and have fun by doing weird things to the, I would steal all the expensive clothes jewellery, iPhones, cars, a yatch etc that I can't afford, I know it is called stealing but nobody would know what I did exactly, I would go to LA or to Disney land to have fun, I would drive a car all day and make people scare around. After that, I'd just have to go in all the doors that say 'No Entry' or 'Staff only' just to see what's so important inside. I would like to go inside the Vatican to see what they really talk about and what they actually do. Everyone wants to meet a celebrities so being invisible I would go meet them without them knowing. It is a perfect way, no security shall know. And of course I would try to do some good things too; because it’s not just having fun or taking what I want but by being invisible I could help people, change the world, and a lot of more things.
Quoting Adam smith from his The theory of moral sentiments, he said that there is always the innate honesty of mankind which will make him indulge in acts that are favorable for others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it, except the pleasure of seeing it. Nowadays, people fear more from other people than real monsters. Poverty, unemployment, and hunger have led people to commit crimes and suicide. A hungry man doesn’t see what is right or wrong; he just somehow fills his empty belly. I would try to make people happy by solving their problems and by fulfilling their little positive wishes. Every day so many children die of hunger, which is what makes my eyes shed tears. I would provide sustenance by using the money of those people who got it illegally and who do not spend it for the welfare of others. Once after doing some wrongdoings for fun or pleasure or whatever, the moment you see a person hurt because of your act, I am sure that any normal sane person would not indulge in any sort after that. All those evils acts will last only for some time, and thereafter I will continue to do good things, both for myself and for the society in whatever ways I could.
Admit it or not, each one of us has dreamt of serving justice like a superhero does. From Batman fighting crime in a ghostly manner to Superman annihilating the bad guys in a more moral and upright way, superheroes saving the world at the end of the day has always enchanted us. Superheroes are the very embodiment of the incorruptible and righteous. And with a superpower of my own, I would surely love to contribute to the construction of a chaste, crime-free world. From people eve-teasing girls to the people of national threat, serving justice and wiping out felony is surely the coolest thing. I once watched Fantastic Four and remember the Invisible Woman from the show and ever since then, I always wanted to fight misdemeanor in the same fashion. For me serving justice is the most splendid thing that I would do if I become invisible.
The first thing I would do is taking a lot of food and giving it to the people who are dying of hunger, who do not have money to buy food or because they just live in poor countries, and grow up there. The second thing I would do is taking clothes and giving it to the people who are freezing because they just don’t have enough to wear. I think that people need a lot of people, and that little things can change lives of many and of course the world. Of course you can give and change that things and you don’t have to be invisible but it’s more difficult because you have to pay for it and obviously no one would give it for free, so it would be a lot easier just by taking it without no one notice.
A lot of people would do different things if they could be invisible; it depend how old you are, the things you like to do, if you are mature, how you think, what kind of values you have, what things grab your interest, and a lot of more things; that could change the thing you would do if you could be invisible. I think that having the power of being invisible would be so cool to have; you really could do anything you want. However,  I really like attention, all humans do; so I'd enjoy my invisibility for one day, but would be happy to be me again the next day.


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