March 6, 2015

The Abode of Serenity


A quaint morning awaited me as I woke up rubbing my eyes on a Saturday. It was a time when weekends meant doing chores at home, helping parents, completing assignments and ironing clothes for the coming week at college; Ah, the graduation years!

Least interested in the nitty-gritties, I moved about wrapping breakfast and dressing up for the new house that we were about to see. Little did I know the anticipation that grasped my parents silently.

Is it a quite & calm place? How wide are the travel options? Is it green? What will our neighbours be like? Is the price truly affordable? Is D-Mart close? What about grocery? Are any shopping options available? And last but not the least, is this house it? Our abode of serenity?

“Are we not going?” I questioned the two blank faces in front of me, which made my father realize that he and mom were simply sitting on the sofa for we don’t know how many minutes.

We made our way through the local state transport bus and started walking in the area locating the landmark. Surprisingly, the area seemed friendly as it was residential. I noticed children and normal people around. A pretty garden adorned the private road and we reached the society at last.

As I walked uphill (yes the building was on a mini mountain!) my mom silently whispered to me, “I hope this one is it”. I could see the tension in her voice. My parents were house hunting since long and we hadn’t found the one yet. House Hunting in a metro is a real challenge. It was almost time for us to vacate the existing office quarters. I secretly hoped this house was not like the previous ones: ground floor next to the gutter, one overlooking the cemetery, a matchbox 2BHK in and SRA phew! I had enough.

The moment we reached the colorful door, a happy face greeted us with a warm smile and the words “welcome”. My parents slowly pushed me ahead and asked to step in first, somehow I felt like a newly-wed bride, with an imaginary kalash kept at the door. I lifted my right leg partly and stepped in pushing the gracious kalash and the white grains of rice spread all across the circumference making a hush-hush sound. The white grains slowly turned into colours from the rainbow and started flying the air as if they had wings. A colourful silhouette of a hand slowly took mine and guided me in.
Imaginary Kalash - Source:IndiaPciture
 The sunlight lit golden living room was the scene I remember next. With French windows looking up to a majestic tree, a cute bedroom with ac, a four year old clutching my hand and excitedly showing me his new hotwheels, giggles following our trail – I knew this was it.

I turned around and looked at my parents in a trance and their merry smiles said it all. We had finally found our abode of serenity.

The smiles and the trance are a moment I would never forget. My house has been the stepping stone for many things in my life. Graduation, employment, blogging, music and writing; all of my passions are deeply rooted here. That’s why I believe, the first step we take to do anything is actually a hidden intuition. Follow the signs and you’ll figure out whether the thing is right or wrong.

Want to find your abode of serenity, Find it here -

Have you found yours yet?


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