March 14, 2015

The Essence of Change


I did find my abode of serenity but alas fate had other plans. Things changed when I read my first offer letter, relocating me to Pune, Maharashtra.

I was shocked. I had never lived alone, never in my life! Nor did my parents ever send me out to overnight picnics. I had zero experience of living alone, leave alone cooking! I just knew maggi, egg omelets & boiling water for tea and this was a completely new landscape.

Everyone touted me as leader, when I was never meant to be. I had always failed in one. Never had my team completed the tasks assigned. And here I was handed a task to lead myself and bring the biggest change in my life. How? Nothing would happen by snapping fingers!

 New place, new people, new climate, an employment opportunity, my pathway to the start of an enlightening career, my stepping stone in the corporate life, was I supposed to say NO?
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And then I turned around to see the humble face I had seen from the last 21 years, my first crush, my father. He smiled with glee, knowing that his little fairy had grown up and was about to set free. He said “YES”.

I didn’t get it initially, what was he saying yes to? He explained Life isn’t a nimble game and motivated me to take the step ahead and explore the “LEADER” in me.

Things then took a quick turn, I was in a new city and it made my heart burn. Slow and steady I caught the pace and got into the employed race. A new house in a quaint locality greeted me with 2 other women as roomies. I found it odd to live in with 2 strangers sharing toiletries and food. I almost lost my voice to my silent and observant self. And then the daily family phone calls made me more nervous and sad. I looked at myself in the mirror daily, and one day I noticed a change.

I was a woman, all of 21. Looking more confident than I ever was. What had changed? Maybe me :) I realized it was 2 months since I had moved in and all the while, I slowly steadily accepted the situations. It took me 2 months to understand that Yes, I can lead. My home away from home taught me to be humble, my efficient cook taught me to be amiable, money crunches taught me to be careful and spend only what’s left after saving and last but not the least my dear father taught me to – believe in myself.

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