April 5, 2015

An Envelope of Love, dear sibling


An Envelope of Love, dear sibling

Hide… hide… they will see us …get down… hide behind that wall…”

I will never forget the fun evenings we spent as kids. Standing on the terrace looking for potential targets across the rival building, we aimed hard with our Power Ranger Guns. Every evening was awesome for both of us, the naughty brother-sister duo!

And I am sure you remember the time we decided to experiment with turmeric and added that to water to make water color and mom was behind us for spoiling her kitchen.

Now that we are grown up, I sometimes miss those childish pranks. Well, guess what?! I thought that this year I should do something different for you, my little brother! You might be all grown up now but for me, you will always be my little one.

Here’s my envelope of love, my dear sibling; for all the love and warmth you have bought into my life. Knowing your crazy heights to shop online you’ll be amazed to find what I have in store for you. I found this website when I was crazily checking out multiple sites trying to a get a good gift basket ready for you and aha – finding 27coupons has been a blessing in disguise indeed. Coupons listed for most of the online retailers/food portals/travel portals and what not. I was surprised that I was unaware of such a wonderful website. I couldn’t resist my temptation to sign up and get the rewards. I have already joined, now it’s your turn. Go on, dig in!

Your gift pack:

1. New clothing for the summer season

I know how you love wearing those suave formal shirts in office and those casual ones at your evening get-togethers. Go grab your 50% at Flipkart with this coupon. Amazing isn’t it? Don’t forget to check out the other offers they have listed. You could grab other deals too. One arrow, multiple targets (I think the Hindi quote sounds better hehe)

2. Recharge yourself

Go for that 4G network you were planning to and skype with me every weekend instead of once a month and cough-with-your-latest-crush-cough. I know it all ;) And get additional bonuses too! Wanna know how? Head here - Paytm

3. Go fly

Yes you read that right. You remember how you mentioned about flying to Malaysia the other day? How you wanted to explore the conic Petronas Twin Towers, the Palace, the National Museum, the National Mosque and finally, the imposing Kuala Lumpur Tower. Go grab it now with offers from Indigo Airlines. You can also spend the next day at leisure or take a trip to Sunway Lagoon which is one of Asia's finest water parks. I am sure you will have a hair-raising experience at Extreme Park, Scream Park & fun-filled rides at the Amusement Park and of course memorable experiences at the Wildlife Park in Sunway Lagoon. Make sure you grab amazing pics for me in your DSLR.

Hope you like the gifts I have enveloped with love. I am amazing ain’t I ;)


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