April 15, 2015

Calcutta Calling - Hotels in Kolkata Luxury and 5 Star


April, the official vacation month; here you are! Now I can plan my uber cool vacation. Yeah! #FeelingAwesome

I am quite a city bug. I loveeee amenities, quick connectivity, free wifi *winks and large food spreads. So I always end up city-hopping for my staycations! City breaks are actually quite cool, considering the fact that you visit a worthwhile city of course!

And up next on my list is *drum rolls – Kolkata/Calcutta/KalKatta

Located on the east bank of the mighty Hooghly River, the City of Joy has always enticed me. The must see must do list is endless. The amazing Howrah Bridge, The beautiful Victoria Memorial, the calm St.Paul’s Cathedral, the holy Kalighat & Dakshineswar Kali temples, the funny looking trams, the upscale hotels in Kolkata wow!

And that’s not all. I am definitely hopping on to a food trail here. Bengali cuisine is exclusively famous for the varieties of fish preparations and fiery vegetarian preparations. Being allergic to fish, I am gonna stick to the vegan cuisine and chicken of course. That reminds me most luxury hotels in Kolkata are known to have good food spreads. So checking into one should help me delve into a few food items right away! And not to forget – the desserts! Maybe Kolkata should be renamed to be the city of sweets! Haha.

Howrah Bridge - Image Source:WeAreHolidays.in

There’s much more to see in Kolkata like the Marble Palace, Sundarbans, Birla Planetarium, Birla Mandir, Tipu Sultan Mosque, Nakoda Masjid, Aquatica Water Park and every Kolkata-ian ‘s favorite Shanti Niketan.

Park Street & College Street are a must visit too. College Street especially for Bookworms! New Market sells everything you want. A boat ride at Prinsep Ghat is unavoidable. You just can’t miss it.

My friends from Kolkata often mention that the best time to visit Kolkata is during Durga Puja without a doubt. The whole city transforms into a colorful holy bliss and it’s a treat to the eyes. Even the time between Christmas to New Year is popular for tourists. My checklist is done and I am way to excited to hit the road err. Place heheh.

I just can’t wait to check into a 5 star hotel in Kolkata, Calcutta Calling!


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