April 15, 2015

India’s Digital Superstar - Raising the bar


With so many reality shows cropping up day by day it’s hard for a struggling artist to actually make it to one fighting the daily odds. Viral Videos make people famous and reach out to an audience or a possible prospect who will hire them.

But have you seen a contest where you leave the hustle & bustle of your life, where your Age/Gender/Location doesn’t matter, where your genre of talent doesn’t matter, where you simply post a video of your talent, have it viewed by millions in Indians and be selected as a winner? Or rather be known out in the viral world for your unique talent?

Amazing Concept isn’t it? Yes and India’s Digital Superstar has put it to reality. Co-Powered by amazon.in, Gionee India, Red FM & Zenga TV ; IDS is a superb concept running from 19th January 2015. With videos pouring in still, India’s talent is giving tough competition to each and every video uploaded. It’s amazing to see how so many hidden faces of talent are beneath the sea of the population.
I like the dedicated points system allocated to each video which covers extensively ‘likes’, views over the various channels. It’s truly a good idea put in use.

Walking through the videos full of talent, here’s the trending video that caught my eye:

Flips & Parkour Stunts by Atul – While Parkour stunts have been amazingly popular in the west, it is still to develop a base in India. And this man shows an Indian’s take on Parkour Stunts. He does have some cool stunts to show off there.

Another video that had me croon was this one:

Na Javin Na Javin - An original composition by the participant Sandeep Attri. The melodious tune, soft lyrics and a passionate voice this guy has it all.

Well apart from the weekly video updates, the channel also does a few celebrity special episodes where a celebrity is shown a few selected videos to review. I viewed an episode where RJ Malishka from RedFM has appeared with the host Sahil. Videos streamed in this episode were:
1. Vinay Sharma Genre - Singing
2.  Chimpu Singh – Multitasking/Flapping Ears/One Hand clap
3. Vikalp Mehta – Rap Songs
4. Hitesh Rathod – Dance (he does have some clean moves)
5. Sachin Mohite – The Spiderman who scales buildings with bare hands, we better watch out hehe.

 Some other celebrities include Youtube Sensation Shraddha Sharma, Rapper Raftaar and so on.

Interesting isn’t it? Do share the concept on your timeline. The deadline is almost about to end.

Have you got it in you? That hidden talent snooping around from your back, it’s time to show up my child. Just pick up that smart phone and go go go! >> Be the next SuperStar
P.S. – All the best :-*

Lots of Love,
Onomatopoeically Meow

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