April 7, 2015

Spend a day out with cab service in New Mumbai


March has been such a bitch I tell you! The end-of-year has really got my nerves. At times I just felt like escaping out of the hectic situations by checking out the taxi service in mumbai. It would be so amazing if we could pause our lives and take a break. Nice and easy. Alas, that’s not possible.

Thanks to Amazing April which has just stepped in with the super long holiday weekend *dances with joy. Mahavir Jayanti, Good Friday & Easter Monday many thanks for coming together. Time to plan a staycation!

Then comes the dampener, everyone doesn’t have a holiday L sigh! What to do? How about simply spending a day out instead of a staycation? That should be possible for everyone right? Maybe we could pack in a movie, some amazing food at a good location. Perhaps we could simply take a cab service in new mumbai as a drive around town and visit the best café’s around. A quick get-together with friends early morning and chilling out till evening and then back home for the night.

The Premier Taxi - Mumbai Image Source: Rochelle Suri
I wish Easter was celebrated widely in Mumbai. It would have been so awesome to go searching Easter eggs in stores around, laced with freebies, yummy and delicious food festivals around the street, colourful bunny décor all over the city like the pretty diwali lights and not to forget the Easter sales for the shopaholic women (aka me :P ) Easier said than done! I wonder why Easter isn’t celebrated widely. Maybe because Easter usually comes around the exam or vacation season!

*Clears air Ah ain’t nobody got time for that, hehe. I really like the one-day out plan. It’s quite efficient considering there’s no stay involved, time saver as we’ll be travelling within the city, tummy saver as we can munch our food at most places in the town and even check out sightseeing stuff and call a day post dinner. And travelling in the night isn’t that difficult nowadays to thanks to the easily available cab service in south mumbai.

On second thoughts, Why wait for a long weekend to check in to a go out? When you can do the same on any tiring weekend/weekday! You know what to do the next time you want to get away from your monotony. Book a cab, game on and chillax.

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