May 27, 2015

Apron Patisserie – Breach Candy Review


When I first placed an order for a box of assorted cupcakes, I had many questions in my mind. But when I took the first bite, my inhibitions flew away! Read on to explore Apron Patisserie & my experience with the yummy cupcakes.

Apron Patisserie is the passion child of Anjani Kasliwal, a home baker who customizes desserts as per the customer’s request. She loves making cakes in unusual flavours and specializes in Eggless & Gelatin free baking. The client can call and tell exactly what he/she feels like eating and its will be made. Her USP is that all desserts are customized and personalized as per request. Hence the name – “Apron” Patisserie.

My Experience:

A cute pink box greeted me when I ordered a box of assorted cupcakes and man the aroma of freshly baked cupcakes literally blew me away. Finely baked & decorated, the cupcakes looked gorgeous. It was almost like I was celebrating a birthday albeit the cake is divided in 12 different portions already.

Assorted Cupcakes - Apron Patisserie
 So I gorged upon the following flavours:

1. Rose + Pistachio: More unique right? Yes it really was. The base cake was rose flavoured and had pistachios hidden inside coupled with a Pista cream topping. This one ranked second.

Apron Patisserie - Rose Pistachio cupcake
 2. Vanilla + Hazelnut: A mouth watering vanilla base with a creamy hazelnut topping, this cupcake won all the hearts hands down. A unique combination indeed. 

Apron Patisserie - Vanilla Hazelnut cupcake
 3. Red Velvet: With a sugary cream & velvet flavoured base was a simple one. What surprised me (and everyone else) was the unique velvet base which was very tasty and something I haven’t had anywhere else yet.

Apron Patisserie - Red Velvet cupcake
 4. Chocolate Fudge: Though it sounds similar, this common flavour surprised us the most. With a delicious chocolate topping, the cupcake had a dark chocolate base which took the dessert to a different level altogether. This one was my personal favorite.

Apron Patisserie - Chocolate Fudge cupcake
 Pros. – All cupcakes had a different & unique tasty base which made every flavour stand out from the other.

Cons. – The size of the cupcake is really big. It’s really difficult for one person to devour a complete cake as a dessert. You could either opt to have it first in the meal or as a snack.

Drooling already? Here you go:
Apron Patisserie
Address: 205, Rajneelam, Dr. Rajabali Patel Lane, Breach Candy, Mumbai 400036

In case you are one of the confused souls who love to choose from a menu first & then decide to customize, here’s a snapshot of the menu. P.S. – Thank me later ;)

Apron Patisserie -Menu - Cake, Cupcake, Tea cake, Brownie, Mousse, Dessert Jars

Did you try out Apron? Share your comments. Next time you crave for a customized dessert, you know where to go ;)


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