May 12, 2015

Get the right shoes – Bacca Bucci Shoes


Shoes are an essential part of one’s lifestyle. Though it’s easier to buy those cheap make-do shoes from the flea markets, the right branded shoe can make a lot of positive difference to your body.

How does a shoe matter?

We walk, stand and run in our trusted companions aka shoes. Until & unless we have worn the right size & comfortable pair, our body does not react as it should while performing the action. For eg: if our jogging shoe is tight, the strain reflects in our toes & nerves and we tend to tire faster. You might now know the cause of not being able to achieve targets on a few occasions.

The right shoe aids your body in the act i.e. walking, standing or running. It soothes your feet and ensures proper blood circulation throughout.

Ok, what kinds of shoes are available?

Most people around don’t really think out of the box apart from shoes & sandals. Thanks to social media & bollywood trends which throw a light on the new categories. Brace yourselves for the different categories of branded shoes available today:

1. Boots – Boots are classic & total party wear. They rise up to the ankle and are most sought after in the tan color.

2. Sports – Designed with tighter grip, stronger soles and better ankle holds; sports shoes as most of us know is used for gymming, training, trekking, jogging & other sports activities.

3. Sandals – The casual option when one doesn’t want closed shoes or prefers keeping feet airy. Sandals are most preferred in India and come in various patterns, materials & colors.

4. Slippers/ Slip on’s – The flip-flops for guys of course. Available in plain ol fashion & quirky designs, slippers are known best for summers.

5. Casual – The easy alternate to formal shoes. Available in most colors & sneaker patterns.

6. Formal – The all time formals most sought out in the black color. Recently brown & navy blue formal shoes have also started to trend.

7. Loafers – Loafers are the hippie casuals meant to stand out from the crowd. Often coupled with formal wear for a charm, loafers are in happening trend this 2015. GO get one for sure!

Always opt for an airy shoe which gives skin its space to breathe and does not clog skin pores. Clogged skin pore leads to stinking feet. Additionally, strenuous lifestyle often leads to light swelling in our bodies. The swelling disappears after some rest but airy shoes provide comfort even if your foot has swollen up a little.

Next time you buy a shoe, make sure you choose the perfect fit and get the right shoe!


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