May 16, 2015

In our next life, at the salsa class - Book Review


Book: In our next life, at the salsa class
Author: Praveen P. Gopinath
Publisher: North Carter Publishing House
Genre: Fiction/Romantic
Level (Easy/Medium/Hard): Easy
Price (as printed): 160 INR

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A seemingly simple plot with a different twist, the book keeps you hooked post 3 chapters. A quick and different type of read. I liked the way the story keeps you guessing even after reading the summary at the back. I recommend this book for all those who prefer Indian authors. I rate this book 3.5/5

In our next life at the salsa class - Praveen P. Gopinath
 Just out from the success of his first book, Being moon on 31st Crossroad, the author, Praveen P. Gopinath is vying for the bestseller tag again, albeit in a different category. The book maintains a steady pace neither slowing down nor pacing up from its due course.  I do feel that the author could have packed in a bit more, considering the fact that it’s quite short.

It’s a book within a book – Bookception” exclaimed my friend AJ from The Red Voice.

With just 175 pages, “In our next life, at salsa class” is a quick book to read, preferably for short durations like a flight and is handy to carry around. I also like the appealing book cover with the name embossed in hot pink.

A love story woven across a reincarnation; spanning 2 metro cities, fame, love, life & death. The initial 2 chapters take time for a scene setting. From chapter 3 as a reader, you are quite involved in the book.

The story has Alex, a celebrated author as the protagonist who is reveling in his success. A known philanderer, Alex is writing his next book which he finds to be a daunting task as he isn’t able to gather much information & time is running short. And then he comes across the woman – Sarah, who added meaning to his life. Whilst romancing his lady love, Alex manages to complete his book on time.

But fate charts its own destiny and the love is torn apart when Alex departs to India in search of his questions & haunting dreams. Will Alex & Sarah get together again? What happens to their unconditional love? Can love withstand fate? Find it out in the book.

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