May 25, 2015

Let your tee speak for you - U.S Polo Assn t-shirts


Tee shirts or T-shirts – can you live without it?
No answer needed for this one. T-shirts are an all time favorite for men. So what are the common types available? How branded tshirts matter? Let’s have a look.

Types of T-Shirts:

Material: Most t-shirts are available in cotton, polyester, nylon and woven wools. Cotton being the most sought after one due to the comfort it offers.
Sleeves: Tanks/Ganjis (Sleeveless) and Muscle shirt aid the summers & trendy looks. But short sleeve tees are the most common. 3/4th sleeves & full sleeves have a different charm too.
Neck Styles: Round/Crew necks are the commoners. V-neck has been trending since some time and I personally believe carrying a v-neck adds to the persona of a man. Collared tees are usually teamed up at work. But they tend to make a man look in control. Of late, Henley neck is quite in trends too.
Patterns: Attitude t-shirts are most found. Rest are usually plain with logos embossed, or stripes/checkered and in similar patterns.

 Buy a Brand or no-brand?
While buying a no-brand is cheap but not long lasting. Always go for branded t-shirts. They not only last long but are comfortable to wear and don’t fade out much in the long run.  Additionally, branded t-shirts have a nice body fit which can make you look lean and toned. Who doesn’t want to look lean :P ?Besides, having a branded t-shirt also adds on to our look & charm.  Pair it with any jeans/pants/trousers and you are all set. In today’s any-tine-Selfie world, it works well to look best at all times. Some famous brands are U.S Polo Assn, Ed Hardy and so on.

 What’s a must have?
Tees in blacks & whites are a must have. Your wardrobe is empty without them. Have none? Go buy! Do stock in a nylon tee for treks/rainy days or for work-outs.

 Perfect look for this season:
A white tee, blue jeans, tan loafers & a pair of sunglasses, you’re all set for the summer.

My best tee?
My best has been a grey-round neck tee from wrangler. I wore it in & out for 8 years and lost it in the process of house-shifting

 When you have nothing to wear, fret not. Just pick up a tee and pair it up with your trousers. That’s all you need. Always opt for airy t-shirts which won’t irritate your skin. So next time you buy a t-shirt, make sure you choose the perfect fit and get the right one!


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