June 11, 2015

Reliance Retirement Fund – Plan your retirement with Reliance Mutual Fund


Reliance Retirement Fund – Plan your retirement with Reliance Mutual Fund

Why do I need a fund for retirement? I have enough money
Oh I’ll manage with my Fixed Deposits!
No my children will take care of me, won’t they?
My colleagues & friends don’t use it why should I!
I am not aware about them & they are tedious so I won’t risk!
I know it’s important but is it urgent?

These are some of the few reasons that we avoid when asked out planning our retirement. True isn’t it?

Ideal way to Invest for Youngsters Source- Reliance Mutual

Why do I need to plan?

The longer you live, the more money you require to sustain. One of the things/goals we work towards in life is – Peaceful Retirement, a second innings of life; full of joy, travel, pursuing new interests & free of limitations.

#TRIVIA: Retirement Planning is something we need to talk about, think about & take seriously #LambiInningsKiTaiyari

As you grow old, Medical Expenses come into picture along with the increasing costs of lifestyle. As per the recent retirement survey conducted by Reliance Mutual, a very minute proportion of people are covered under Pension Plans or NPS (National Pension Schemes). This majorly includes employees from the Government & Public Sector. In a stark reality, over 60% of population is privately employed.

Besides, the biggest challenge at retirement is that the income stops but the expenses multiply. We are so subsumed in our own requirements and completion of short term goals that we miss out on planning retirement into our financial goals.

Why do I need to start young?

Starting young helps you give an added impact to your silver years aka Second Innings. Like you spend hours researching about that new Smartphone/Internet of things; spare a few minutes and plan your retirement too.

Every 4 out of 5 people lack funds for retirement and amongst that 1 person; only 12% of his income goes into retirement. Considering an inflation rate of 7% if you retired with Rs.1 crore today, it would be equal to Rs.13 lakh only. Very paltry isn’t it?

Inflation is here to stay. An aggressive plan to accumulate assets will help us live a happier life ahead. Even the price of petrol jumped from Rs.8 to Rs. 75 in what 20- 30years!

Life Insurance is what happens to your family after your death
Retirement Planning is what will happen to YOU & Your family till you are alive :D #TrueThat #LambiInningsKiTaiyari

A small change like savings a 1000 bucks every month brings in savings in lakhs after 30 years. Avoid 1 movie + dinner every month and voila you just saved in lakhs! Just think about it.

And the main question don’t you want to live the same lifestyle in your silver years?

Ok, how do I choose & what?

Choose your investment carefully. Notice every % as each % has a multiplier effect.

Equity is a kind of an asset class which gives you sustainable returns. Here’s a look at all the available retirement planning options:

Available options for Retirement Planning in India - Source - Reliance Mutual

Retirement Planning consists of 2 phases:

1. Accumulation of assets – Where you accumulate and build assets for your silver years by saving & investing.

2. Distribution of regular income – Where you chart out a plan to use your saved accumulation in such a way that it exists as long as one lives.

Reliance Retirement fund

Reliance Retirement Fund is an open ended tax savings cum pension retirement planning solution. It is also the 1st Notified Retirement Fund having Equity Oriented Scheme.

Here’s a look at the key features:
Key Features -  Reliance Retirement Fund Source:Reliance Mutual

Key Features -  Reliance Retirement Fund Source:Reliance Mutual

Other key features include: Systematic Transactions, Tax Benefits under 80C, Deduction from Salary with tie-up from employer.

Confused on the number? Here’s a link to the “Retirement Health Calculator” designed by Reliance Mutual

With a little bit of planning, a happy retirement is within reach for all of us. So what did you plan for your #LambiInningsKiTaiyari?


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