June 15, 2015

That rainy evening

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That rainy evening

That rainy evening bought petrichor from the first rain. Had I known the super sunny morning would turn into an evening of rainy madness I would have avoided wearing this white t-shirt. Intuition you elusive thing!

I paid the rickshaw fare and dashed through the 50 meters in rain holding the 5kg-feeling-like-10kg parcel above my head. Who the hell packs a gift so big for a baby so small? Weird customers!

4 more minutes for the train to arrive, whew lemme catch some breath, I thought to myself. As I wiped the rain water from my neck a strong musk fragrance tickled my nostrils. Davidoff. I knew it. I turned to the left and just a few steps ahead, there he was. Dressed in white, fresh as cucumber, straight out of a magazine and a face I think I had seen before. But where?

He wore a white tee and cast his eyes on me. Our eyes met, I knew I had seen them before and I just couldn’t recollect. The announcement of the train’s arrival shook my glance and I cast an eye on the indicator, just one minute to go. I picked up my parcel and mustered courage to look left once again.

He was there, eyes on me, lifting his phone to the ear. My heart raced. I felt a slight nudge on my phone and I flicked it out quick. Did his heart race too? Stupid group messages from friends. What a wrong timing!

Alas the train arrived, chaos ensued and left; while I stood there staring at my phone. He was gone with the wind, that rainy evening.

I delivered the parcel with a half heart. Of course I left the other half at the railway station expecting that phone call, which didn’t come.

I stood in the drenched verandah and wondered;

Why monsoon, why? Why are you so weirdly romantic?


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  1. Hi Sherna,

    Visiting your Blog for the first time, through Blogaton.. :)

    I like your sweet, innocent post. I imagined a little kiddo, someone who is still studying at college...instead of a grown up who is working with some firm to deliver gifts.

    All the best,
    Megha :)

  2. Hey Megha,

    That's great actually because I idealized one of those college teenagers only who work part time to earn some money.

    Glad you liked my post.

  3. Hi Sherna,

    This is very sweet take on the image. I just loved it. Thanks a lot for joining! Keep writing for BAT!

    Someone is Special

  4. Hii Sherna,
    Rains and romance does go insanely hand in hand.
    Why? God Knows!
    Nice post!
    Please do visit my short story too..
    Wishing you all the luck for BAT55

  5. sweet romantic take on the prompt, this is actually the first stage of love ' dilkashi' (attraction)

    My Blogaton55 entry The Monsoon Pain

  6. Ah! Rain is romantic. And you got it out nicely :) All that was missing was chocolate ;)

  7. Damn whatsapp.. stealing possibilities...Nice and sweet post
    All the best for BAT!

    Megha Haware - The garlic soup

  8. Ah! Romantic take on the image. Loved reading it!


  9. Love get intense with rains. A lovely read :)

  10. Aww..that sweet sweet feeling came when someone falls in love..and then half my heart remained at the station too :(

  11. Someone can connect the dots by reading such story. Especially if you rained in Mumbai.


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