July 8, 2015

Femina Believe – Dining etiquette workshop


One cannot think well, sleep well, or love well until one has dined well. Right na? I learnt this at the exclusive Dining Etiquette session organized by Femina Believe. Confused? Read on.

What is Femina Believe?

Femina Believe is a part of Femina created to empower women by offering comprehensive personality development workshops. And it’s not just any random training of sorts. Every workshop is handpicked with the best agenda, industry leading trainers, and held in an interactive learning environment giving every participant a unique learning experience.

Currently held in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi; Femina Believe offers workshops in: Dining Etiquette, Communication skills & body language, Styling and Makeup. Additionally, they also organized combined packages like: “The Femina Believe Chic woman”, “The Femina Believe Bride” if one is thirsty to learn it all at one go.

Personally, I really appreciate this initiative. Being in a corporate-employed zone, it is very essential to have our soft skills and body language modeled in a graceful manner whilst being presentable. And Femina Believe makes this happen.

And that’s not all; Femina Believe offers comprehensive packages to Schools & Corporate’s too. Have a look at their website here - http://www.feminabelieve.com/

What is dining etiquette?

So what do you know about dining etiquette? We eat thrice a day right? But do we have a clue?

How many of you eat clumsy? I do. I make sounds with the crockery, I drop food, and I always get the napkin wrong, taking my five star experiences down the drain!

#TRIVIA – Soup is meant to be eaten. Technically, the starter is meant to be had first, followed by the soup.

You may also ask why I need dining etiquette! After all isn’t having food comfortably in one’s own zone the priority? The answer is: Dining etiquette comes into picture when you are at a formal dinner or a guest at a group dinner. Your manners, action and techniques convey an impression over the group you are with. Once you are able to eat the right way, you can engage in a right way.  And that is precisely the end goal. Even the way you leave your food napkin is an indication

What did I learn?
The right way to hold chopsticks - Femina Believe Dining etiquette
Here are a few pointers that I learnt at the workshop:
  • The plates are always arranged in BMW order from left to right where B- bread M – main course and W for water/wine.
  • Soup Etiquette – Dip your spoon in the soup, hit it lightly on the opposite brim, and sip sideways. #TRIVIA – Avoid slurping. Your soup may be one of a kind but the sound casts a shadow over your actions!
  • Once the food is at your table, DO NOT add condiments before you taste the dish. This is considered as an insult to the chef.
  • Napkin etiquette – When you leave your napkin on your chair, it means you are not finished yet. When you leave your napkin to your left on the table, it means you are done with your meal and your plate can be cleared.
  • To rest your cutlery, place them in the 8:20 position and to alert the end of your meal, place cutlery in the 4:20 position.
    Signalling end of meal. The 4:20 position - Dining etiquette
  • Never place your elbows on the table. Hands should always be placed at the edge of the table.
  •  While choosing crockery for dessert, choose a spoon for softer desserts (ice cream) and fork for firmer desserts (pastries)

 Did you know having soup had etiquette? ;)

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  1. Takes away the whole fun of eating, doesn't it?

  2. It actually doesn't. You won't believe me but I have ended up using these etiquette's even at informal gatherings :P And after all, this is mainly for formal setups!


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