July 3, 2015

I like it when - #Drabble #TwitterStory


"I like it when texting someone becomes a routine...like it's not a normal day if you don’t talk to each other!"

"Really? What is this feeling called?"


"Which will slowly turn into....?"

"A bigger internet pack? LOL"

"Hahaha. Which will then be recharged by....?"

"My credit card?!"

"Now now. Credit cards bill going for a toss, reason? Now don't say recharge"

"A lil bit of unconditional shopping ;)"

"Unconditional shopping with....?"

"For someone rather intentional ;)"

"I see. If I have the honors, May I know who be it?"

"Yes, they be the one I am talking to!"

#TwitterStory #Drabble #MadeFromTweets


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