July 1, 2015

WOW Popcorn – Review – Truly Wonderful


So when I checked in at the R-City Mall Ghatkopar Store of WOW Popcorn, little did I know that I would exit more than just a happy customer.

WOW Popcorn is a Mumbai based popcorn-outlet chain who aim to bring in “WOW in every popcorn”.  Sourcing the finest quality of corn kernels from the best plantations, WOW Team strives for the highest quality of ingredients for those top notch popcorn flavours and believe me you come craving for more.

What I liked about WOW Popcorn?

A refreshingly different take on flavours is what makes WOW stand out from the competition. We usually don’t get the best flavours in the popcorn available in the market today. But here I was proven wrong. All the flavours have such a unique taste to it.

Apart from the common salted, butter, cheese flavours the interesting options were – Caramel, Mumbai Cheese Tadka, Pudina, Mexicano(Garlic), Sour Cream Onion(Flavour of the season), Cocoamello (Caramel + Chocolate)

Here’s a look at the menu:
WOW Popcorn MENU
Did you see the prices? Nominal isn’t it? Way cheaper than what we pay in the cinema halls :P I personally loved the sour cream onion, Mumbai Cheese Tadka & Cocoamello.

The popcorn freshness lasts 2-3 days with a maximum of 5 days. The flavour of the season changes on an average of 4 months. Tasting is happily allowed and there’s no minimum amount required for home delivery.

So I bought a small tub and oh no it’s not that small : D it’s way fulfilling in itself.

What’s unique about them?

1. Gifting & delivery options
WOW offers home delivery all over Mumbai. Besides they offer quite a few options like a special gifting jar; party orders (birthdays/events/corporate) and then they take a step ahead with customization. Wondering how? Here’s a snapshot:
WOW Popcorn Customized Tub
WOW Popcorn Gift Pack options
WOW offers customization of Popcorn Tubs. Either you can have a name printed on it (like pictured above)or a Happy Birthday FirstName. This offer is available on an advance booking of 2 days and above. Here’s a look at sample birthday tubs & the gifting jar.
WOW popcorn gifting jar & happy birthday tubs
 2. Customer Engagement
The stores have props for customers to click pictures and have a fun time whilst munching on the amazing flavours. 
WOW at Rcity mall, Ghatkopar

Besides, the brand has been actively engaging with customers on their online social media channels with various contests, customization offers and so on.  They are definitely changing the way we think about traditional popcorn brands. Wanna join the fun? Here’s where you can find them:

WOW Popcorn Website - http://www.wowpopcorn.com/

And then munching popcorn is kinda healthy too.

Hop on the WOW Wagon with WOWY the mascot and lemme know your experience!


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  1. Sounds very interesting to me - need these for more movies :D


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