August 23, 2015

ASUS Zenfone Selfie, Deluxe, Laser, ZenPad Launch Mumbai 2015


On 8th of August 2015, I was honored to be a part of #DivasMeet by ASUS in Mumbai. The meet marked the launch of the latest Zenfones and Zenpad with an exclusive evening for women.
ASUS #DivasMeet

After the success of the flagship killer Zenfone 2; the new Zenfone models promise to change the Smartphone scenario. Apart from the usual Zen UI, BoostMaster, SonicMaster and the spell bounding Pixel Master 2.0; each of the new models have a unique USP. Here’s a quick look:

1. Zenfone Selfie – Aimed at people who love clicking selfie’s and sharing their world; the phone has a 13MP front camera (yes you read that right ;) ) as well as 13MP rear camera. Both the camera’s sport a wide-angle lens, laser auto-focus and dual-LED Real tone flash for the perfect illumination. An add-on is the macro-photography ability that clicks clear pictures with a subject as close as 6cm. Available in Aqua Blue, Pure White & Chick Pink colors.

My view after hands-on: – The camera is totally awesome and the phone looks like a stunning masterpiece as well. Here’s how the Pink Piece looks.
Zenfone Selfie - Chick Pink
2.  Zenfone 2 Deluxe – Carving a niche among the fashionista’s is the extravagant polygonal design of the phone.  Almost a plus version of the original, the Zenfone 2 Deluxe is available in White, Dark Blue & Red.

My view after hands-on: – Wow. The phone has an amazing grip feel thanks to the design. It does look a class apart. Here’s a quick look at the white & blue pieces.
Zenfone 2 Deluxe - Blue White
3.  Zenfone 2 Laser – As the name suggests, the phone has a dedicated laser focus camera (both front & rear) and is a budget phone as compared to its peers. Laser is currently listed on flipkart at Rs.9999 and is available in a 5.5 inch screen size as well apart from the original 5 inch screen. Available in Pure black, Ceramic White and Glamour red.

My view after hands-on: – I lost my heart on this one. The quick focus of subject in the camera and the clarity had me flutter in an instant. The Zenfone 2 laser is revolutionary, it will indeed aid in quicker pictures. Within 10k, jaw dropping Zenfone 2 features, an awesome camera, what else do I want?? :D In the picture below I am holding a red laser with the front facing camera.
Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0
4. ZenPad – Foraying in the tablet zone, ZenPad is about to set fire to the competition. With the class features lifted from the smartphones, Zenpad clearly steals the light. Well a hands-on wasn’t available but the features looked great.

5. ZenPower, ZenFlash, LolliFlash Accessories – ZenPower is high capacity Power Bank (10050mAh to be precise) weighing just 215grams. Just a fraction bigger than a credit card, the ZenPower is capable of charging a Zenfone5 – 3 times; an iPhone 6s – 2 times and an iPhone5s – 4 times; the power bank is available in white, black, pink, blue and gold colors. ZenFlash & LolliFlash as 2 add-on accessories which allow better flash in the picture you click. While ZenFlash allows you to have a flash as strong as a DSLR allowing your Smartphone to capture extreme details and quality photos, LolliFlash is aimed towards simply adding a good flash to your camera. Here’s a look at the accessories.
ASUS LolliFlash

ASUS ZenFlash

ASUS ZenPower
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Personally, I like the fact the ASUS has incorporated simple yet important features in their models like Glove touch, anti-fingerprint coating, different audio modes (for movies, music & games), one hand mode, kids mode, macro photography and for that matter even a panorama selfie. It makes our phones more personal and customized.

I am totally in for an ASUS Zenfone. Are you?



  1. I am so taken by the Lolly Flash! it is so adorable

  2. Yes it was so awesome. I lost my heart on it.

  3. It is an awesome phone...i read about them few weeks back. You seem to have had a great time.


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