August 6, 2015

Fastest 4G at your Service – Airtel 4G Superfast


Just watched the newly launched Airtel 4G ad on YouTube today and I am amazed with the superfast internet speeds :D

Here’s a look at the TVC:

 I am an existing Airtel 3G customer. As compared to existing market speeds, Airtel 3G gives me a fair enough advantage over other networks. The speed is impressive and the 3G plans are interesting. With a strong foothold on coverage on all over India, Airtel is undoubtedly the no.1 network cum telecom service provider in the nation.

Is Airtel 4G?
Following the successful launch of the 4G services in select cities; Airtel has taken a step ahead and launched #Airtel4G across India today. To compare off the prices and know more details I hit off their dedicated website -

And whoa, it’s actually the same price as 3G, I had better get moving into 4G soon. The same data benefits of 3G packs are simply coupled with the super speed of 4G at almost no extra cost. Technically, customers can enjoy 4G at the price of 3G.

I like the part that the website helps customers to request for a 4G SIM card online. That’s a great move. As of now, Airtel 4G is available to users on multiple devices including mobile phones/phablets/tablets, dongles and 4G hotspots.

Airtel 4G - The Superfast Smartphone network
 What do you need to experience the magic?

A 4G ready mobile device >> Request a 4G SIM Card at and have it delivered to you free of cost or collect one from your nearest Airtel Store >> Have an active 3G data pack on your existing Airtel number >> Game on #Airtel4G!

Airtel has yet again emerged as the most innovative & customer focused brand. Honestly, I just can’t wait to get my hands on to Airtel 4G woohoo! Truly internet will never be the same again. I am grabbing a new 4G device right away! What about you?


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