September 18, 2015

Gear up for the new Comedy Hunt in town #StandUpComedyinStyle


Are you bored of your lifestyle? And have nowhere to look for suggestions? Have nothing to do on a Saturday? Don’t know where to find the latest news in music, films, travel? Want to know which pubs to hit or get your dose on celebrity parties?

No worries, just Live in style! #StandUpComedyInStyle

Confused? Live in style is the new in thing that I stumbled upon. Get to know the latest updates from the page 3 parties, celebrity glamour lives, music news, search about travel options, add luxury to your lifestyle, latest happenings in the city and much more. Everything awesome, on one single platform!

You might wonder what more could a website like this have right? Get ready to be surprised then! Live in style promotes Stand-Up Comedy like never before. The Stand-Up Comedy section shares best stand-up comedy videos from the various stars & rising stars in India and abroad. And my my they have a really good bunch of comedians in line. What’s more interesting is, the never ending list of articles promoting stand-up comedy with funny meme’s. If you are totally bored and want a change, you know where to go ;)

And that’s not all; Live in Style has come up with a unique concept of “Comedy Hunt” where in; Stand-Up Comedians like AIB, Kanan & Biswa, Vir Das and so on are invited to make souls like us rofl with their super funny videos.

Comedy Hunt - Stand up Comedy by Live In Style

A dedicated Youtube page tracks all the videos for this comedy hunt, including the previous week’s entries. With weekly challenges, the Comedy Hunt videos are going viral on the internet especially for the funny themes incorporated like kitchen cooking, corporate brandings & not even the news is spared.

With more cool features like Party Hotspots, Party calendars, Live-In-Style-Exclusive Events; this is truly turning out to be a new hangout for the World Wide Web addicts.
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  1. Sounds like fun Sherna..I am sure to be watching these

  2. Hey! This sounds interesting....I will definitely 'live in style' and keep watching these ;)

  3. A nice way to keep people pepped up! Thanks for sharing. Even if I share this with elderly, they too will enjoy watching stand up comedy just a click away!

  4. Laughter is the best medicine...thanks for the information will definitely keep a watch

  5. Comedy has its variant, taste and consumption. I guess its a good move by team to come up with this section of comedy videos fine tuned to get the best of comedy ..

  6. Awesome! A good initiative by the Comedy Hunt Team.

    Read my latest blog too and share your views >>

  7. Wow where did u even find something like this? It sounds superb though and the comedy hunt sounds simply great


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