September 8, 2015

Me & Bae - #My2MinutePoem



Started from a tweet and now we’re here,
Followed by a DM and now we’re near!

Tweets, DMs, Calls, Whatsapp,
The transition speedily caught up!

With your first hello,
Rose a cupid’s halo.

Rains & work made the days lazy,
Your voice made the evenings crazy.

Teaching me to take selfies,
Applauding each effort when I poke thee!

From giggles to smart sarcasm,
And a whole new level of enthusiasm,

Reaching out to you has its own charm,
Still I don’t miss my alarm!

And there are your common typos,
Adatventure being the most righto!

Will I ever see you alive I ponder?
Let alone the dreams in which I wander!

The distance does often break my heart,
As I never had someone so close yet so apart!

I look forward to holding you tight some day,
Won’t let you go anywhere, no way!

There’s so much more to say,
And so much more to my bae!

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