October 20, 2015

Dabur Vatika Jasmine Oil and 3 Steps to #FrizzFreeHair


Our long tresses of hair play an inevitable part in our daily life. No they don’t just stay around, they play along when you are happy, look gloomy on a bad hair day, get messed when you don’t want them to and even stick to the lipstick you just applied  :P #bleh

From catering to the barrage of emotions to subtly being there all the time, our tresses bear a lot of brunt. Coupled with today’s rising heat & pollution – Welcome frizzy hair aka nightmare!

Don't even ask :P

Want to know the mantra to #FrizzFreeHair? Read on:

1. Fight the heat – Cover your hair as much as possible from the harsh sun. Just like you apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays, carry a light scarf or umbrella and save the day! You might think this is just a passé, but I am a living example of this trick. I have noticed tremendous change since I have started using a scarf. It really works!

2. Choose Ionic Advantage– Don’t just look for cost factors while selecting a hairstyler/blow dryer. Look for the “ionic” ones, which reduces frizz in your hair by compressing your cuticles.

3. Hair Care – Head to a hair spa every quarter, shower them with some love ;) Additionally, oil your hair for at least 30 minutes before a wash. Make sure you wash them minimum thrice a week. This helps to eliminate the accumulated dust, dirt & dead cells.
#TRIVIA – Oil both - your scalp & the hair tips, the longer your hair, the longer it takes for the oil to reach the tips. Aid the process on your own instead!

I happened to check out the new Dabur Vatika Jasmine-Coconut Oil. A unique combination indeed. The new oil comes in with the benefits of coconut, jasmine and enriched with silicon. That’s not all, while the coconut oil gives deep nourishment; the added vitamins & frizz control actives help you achieve #FrizzFreeHair. Here’s a quick review:

Dabur Vatika Jasmine Coconut Oil
While the jasmine fragrance lingers for 10-15 minutes, I totally loved the consistency of the oil. It’s like water, totally non-sticky and gives hair a unique shine instead of an oily look. My hair was quite soft, shiny and straighter than usual after repeated use. (The usual frizz-free stuff gets my wavy hair go straight and this one did too).

Make your way from frizzy to fantastic!

What’s your #FrizzFreeHair mantra? Share them in the comments section

Share your mantra with me, will you?


  1. Awesome tips! I too will try Dabur Amla Jasmine Coconut oil.

  2. Great read. Will try it soon.

  3. Hahah love this super post.. I sure am going to take notes on the haircare tips.
    - Heena, www.iCynosure.in

  4. i like Jasmine smell. and non sticky oil. will try this. Thanks for sharing some nice tips, Sherna. :)

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  5. Great post ! I think this one is on my shopping list .Please check my blog also here http://purenarcissism14.blogspot.in

  6. After oil wala photo upload nahi kiya. ? :P

  7. Nice tips! Following some of these tips already. :)


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