October 7, 2015

Whatashort.com – Showcase & Promote short films to new horizons


Are you a short film maker in distress? Just made a short film and don’t know where to share? Is social media not responding to your film? No other platform to share your work? Fret not; a new messiah is in town.

Without being much filmy, I’d like you to cast your eyes on this video:

Founded in March 2015, WHATASHORT.com is a dedicated online short film platform, with an aim to showcase short films on wider platform to the global audience. “Being a short-film maker myself, I faced a tough time integrating resources & gauging the only power of social media and still not being able to showcase my work outside my circle of network. That’s how I got the idea of creating a simple platform for film enthusiasts across the globe.” quotes the co-founder, Ravie Solanky.
Whatashort.com founders Ravie Solanky & Dimpy Dua
In simpler words, WHATASHORT.com:

1. Allows short film makers to - share their films on a dedicated platform for free, reach out to a wider audience globally, create a page of their respective film, learn more by viewing and reviewing existing short films

2. Allows audience to – view & review unseen short films across various genres, view curated films from global short film makers, share the short films on social media, know about the latest film/trailer reviews from Hollywood & Bollywood.

With more than 300+ films from 50+ countries, WHATASHORT.com is turning out to be a revolutionary platform in the world of short film cinema. And that’s not all. Apart from collaborating with film schools, conducting workshops; activities like WIIFF 2015 (Whatashort India International Film Festival 2015), Flick of the week prove WHATASHORT.com to be a strong contributor to every short film maker who is a part of the community.

The online platform allows viewers to connect to it 24*7 apart from being easily shareable on existing social media platforms. “WHATASHORT.com is a little more than IMDB. Our goal is to encourage, promote and deliver the Best Short Film Experience to anyone who is a fan of cinema” adds Dimpy Dua, co-founder of WHATASHORT.com.

So, what are you waiting for, head out & experience the raw collection of short films at your pace!

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  1. I'm sure "whatashort" will be a "worthyshot" for all the short film makers. Thanks for sharing, Sherna. :)
    ​​A Rat's​​ Nibble

  2. Looks sooo cool! And I am sure many of us can put this platform to good use !


  3. This is really cool! The market for short films is increasing rapidly with creative and intelligent makers. This platform is sure to see a rise!


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