November 9, 2015 – Taking Ethnic Indian Bindi Online a niche ahead


The traditional Indian Ethnic Bindi is now available 24*7 on a dedicated online bindi portal

Taking the ethnic beauty & makeup item/accessory online, India’s First Ever Online Bindi Portal launched with over 1lakh+ different & unique designs. Bindi’s from the website provide a special range of iodine enriched stick-on gum, unlike regular bindi’s which often cause skin infection and rashes.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few designs:
I really like the wide variety of designs, colors, shapes & sizes at the portal. The collection is impressive indeed.

Our intention at bookmybindi is - to celebrate the Bindi. We want to popularize this dying tradition, with our exclusive fashionable and stylish designs. It is our endeavour to get women across the globe to sport a bindi as a style statement. Our designs have been hand drawn and converted to stick-ons; and can be sported on any look, Indian wear or Western” adds Founder & Actress, Prabhleen Kaur.

Being a woman, I know how tedious it is to find that perfect bindi which suits my face, look and style to go with ethnic wear and still look awesome. Often I have to scout various local shops or hog the bindi lady in the local trains ;) or even pester friends to bring me the bindi they wore.

One of the most precious areas of the human anatomy is the area between the eyebrows, a spot called the "AJNA CHAKRA ". Considered very powerful, this spot is the exit point of the Kundalini & the seat of concealed wisdom. Co-founder, Aroona Bhat believes that every individual has their own unique identity and image. And by decorating the Ajna, one has, by default, taken a step in this very direction, by nurturing this point and protecting it with a Bindi or a Tilak. It is for this very reason she has co-founded with the hope of reviving this tradition, distinctive to our culture

The price range starts from Rs 199 and goes up to Rs 4999. Head out and check out the interesting designs.

Have you bought one? Let me know!



  1. Bindi has indeed become a dying tradition. Glad to see this initiative. The search for a perfect bindi is a never ending one! Hopefully this site will bring an end to it :)

  2. Awesome..I will recco this site to my mom.. she likes trying out accessories. This one gonna be perfect place.

  3. Woah! An online shopping site for Bindi. Wasn't aware of it... Really interesting!

  4. Bindi reminds me of the Indian TV Vamps and their loud make up. The likes of Komolika and more. Wonder if its such a big online market.

  5. i remember as a teenager I used to use my liquid eyeliner to make these fancy bindis on my forehead. And then I took to my mms shilpi liquid bindi to make tattoos on arms. It is def. something I love about our Indian tradition

  6. Sounds pretty cool with bindis costing almost 5000, I am surely going to check out what they entail. I remember my favourite bindi being the one Neena Gupta used to endorse for the TV series 'Saans'.

  7. Very good initiative to revive the tradition of bind is. Love the concept and totally agree to beautify the AJNA. As it is wearing a Hindi with Indian traditional dress makes us look gorgeous of all!


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