November 24, 2015

Confessions of a Herpetophobic


Have you had that yuck feeling when a fat-ass brown tinged worm wriggles out on the street? And leaves some murky trail with it? And when sweat trickles by your chin as that lizard crawls closer to you? How does your throat feel, after your wailing & soul screeching screams turns mute when your mom finally hits that flying cockroach with her chappal?


Can I confess now that the fear that I have harbored for so long is nothing but a phobia? Yes, that’s like me, a herpetophobic i.e. fear or aversion to reptiles, commonly lizards and snakes, and similar vertebrates as amphibians!

Spiders, cockroaches, rodents or basically anything that creeps or crawls is what I am afraid of. Oh I like to see them from far no doubt about that. But on close quarters I freak out, like real bad. My complete concentration is on that one creation of god.  I wonder just why on earth god had to make it so creepy; I observe the anatomy, and actions with utmost importance. I track every move and stay on my toes to sprint. Believe me at that moment nothing else matters! And it all ends with the “Oh God, Why me!” curse. 

 I often wonder that one day I should confine to a room and think of the deadliest creepy reptiles, on my face, body, wriggling, biting and doing all sorts of stuff and I might be puking or going in a state of trance or hallucinating, facing my fear in one shot! My mom does have such evil plans, but alas it doesn’t really materialize. Psst...Please do not tell this to my sister. Please!

And you know even while hitting Google right now I actually ended up typing “creepy replies” instead of “creepy reptiles”. And I was wondering why weird looking faces were staring at me :/

There’s no way I am gonna put a picture here no matter how strong the impact may be! Damn!

Are you one too? Yes, hi5 bruh! I feel you! I “heart” you!

No, then what’s your phobia?

Go ahead and confess!



  1. Fear factor is the answer to all your fears :D


  2. Well said Richa...just what you need Sherna, a good stint with Fear Factor!! But honestly, I am equally freaked out by these creepy crawlies ;)

  3. herpetophobic runs in my family. I got this fear from my mum ;) Once my younger sis who has got dad's genes played a prank on us and flung a plastic lizard towards us. Oh, how we jumped on the bed and shrieked...mum n me. Literally brought the house down. Glad you didn't post a pic! ;)

  4. Many of us have this fear, you are not alone ... ;) Its how you make it, so for the next time when you see them creeping towards you, stay calm, relax and deal with it or get help!

  5. You know when I was in class 8th, appalled by the sudden rise of cockroaches in my house, asked my Science teacher as in- why God made cockroaches and what are they used for? He didn't had answers. I think the reptiles germinate where there is dirt and untend areas... The societies should ensure to eradicate them. They are not just a big repulsive but a reminder of threats.

  6. I used to get scared too! But I somehow managed to get over it.

  7. Wow I think half the population on earth must be sharing your phobia. Mine would be second as I fear the dark.
    Although having kids takes you off all other fears

  8. Cockroaches are the only creatures that will survive a nuclear war.My respect for them stays on..


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