November 12, 2015

Deco Home – 5 ways to Style and Decorate your interiors


With innovative & quirky interiors coming out each day, styling up your homes with all that jazz involves a lot of planning indeed.

What color look good where? Which piece would light up that dull corner of the house? Which shelf will sparkle the wall? Whew so much to do and think about.

Deco Home - Interior Decorations
 And while searching for the best interiors online, I stumbled upon Deco Home, a Delhi-India based setup with impressive décor options.

Here are 5 quick fixes to quirky interiors:

1. Decorative Pillows – Choose decorative pillows & cushions in different shapes, sizes and colors to warm up a simple sofa. Choose vibrant colors if you have the simple sofas. If you have a bold colored sofa for example, in red; then choose a dull color to add style. Keep decorative cushion covers handy for quick makeovers.

2. Wall Brackets & Shelves – I have always been enticed with wall brackets. A good combination adds an altogether different dimension to your wall. Stay away from typical glass brackets or white brackets. Choose wooden wall shelves & black brackets for a bold and stunning look.

3. Grab a carpet runner – As old as it may sound, but carpets add a zing to an otherwise dull room. Choose contrasting colored runners preferably in sleek rectangle shapes. The contrast will make the runner stand out and the shape will make the room look longer.

 4. Add Mirrors – Instead of placing multiple light fixtures, add mirrors opposite to existing light fixtures. Not only will they light up the whole room, but add a nice dimension too making the room look larger. And then this idea is economical too ;)

5. Quirk up doors – Style up your doors. Who knew doors could be so much fun! Place wall hangings & door seals. Choose contrasting colors again.

Interesting and easy isn’t it? With a lot more to explore in Garden Torches, Runners & Cushions; Deco Home also offers Bulk Orders, Free Domestic Shipping, Paid International Shipping, easy returns and most importantly secure shopping options.

Head out and style up your home. Do let me know what you tried to jazz up your interiors.



  1. Cool fixes for a hot look to your interiors. Easy to adopt quick fixes is what everyone wants :)

  2. I went through the website and they just have a amazing collection, got some pilllow covers and bracket ... thanks for the share ... you helped me find the right thing :)

  3. Very nice ideas and I simply love mirrors as they can brighten up a corridor, make the entrance look grand and even help you admire yourself every now and then


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