December 2, 2015

Freecultr Express – Design your own tees store


I have always had the wish to create something unique which I could explore, share & sell and earn royalty Haha ;). So when I was invited to be a part of Freecultr Express on a short notice, I almost gave an instant YES!

I am participating in the FREECULTR #ExpressYourself activity at BlogAdda to get my design featured on a FREECULTR Tshirt!

Freecultr is a premium lifestyle brand with strong focus on fittings, quality and customer experience.  As of 2015, Freecultr has touched over 3500+ cities across the country and is also present in various physical stores.  Keeping the fashion statement on an all time high, Freecultr Express brings the concept of “Hyper Fashion”  that is on-demand customized printed t-shirts using designs, photographs, graphics, paintings and sketches uploaded by artists all over.

How to design your own tee store?

1. Create your doodles, sketch, and image graffiti and save them on your computer as a JPEG file. Check out the first image below for more specifications.

2. Open a Freecultr account if you don’t have one either with your Facebook account or a quick sign up form.

3. Name your store and give yourself a pat on the back. You are a champ you know ;)

4. Click on “Create your tee” button on top right corner of your screen and ta da and automated wizard will take you through.

  • Upload your image as per given specifications
  • Adjust your graffiti and position it appropriately. Make sure you follow the guidelines here
  • Give your design a unique name, think about the appropriate tags for your design, mark a selling price and click the “proceed” button below.
  • Preview the variants in which your tee would be sold and how it would look in each variant
  • Publish your design Woohoo and don’t forget to share on social media.
  • Check out my tee store at

Step at the Freecultr Wizard, Click on the images to know more
5. Don’t forget to add your PAN, billing, shipping details in order to establish your tee store and have hassle free earnings.
6. Check out the amazing unique designs at Freecultr and buy yourself one, you deserve it :) !

While I really wanted to step out from plain whites to better graffiti’s as I had initially imagined, I couldn’t find the appropriate help online on the website. Given a chance, I would love to redesign all my tees with better positioning of the graphics, base colors and impressive designs. Freecultr wizard, I’m looking for you!

Simple and easy isn’t it? So what do you think about Freecultr Express and about my designs? Liked any of them?

Share your views with me in comments!



  1. Hey Sherna. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. I am going to give it a try too. Sounds pretty exciting. You could share pics of your final design? Great going gal!

  2. I love free cultur anyways! You design a tee and put it up there my love will expand even more :D

  3. Wow Sherna would love to see your designed t-shirts. It is such a wonderful idea thanks for sharing this opportunity with us

  4. You're designing tshirts now? Multi talented girl :)


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