December 2, 2015

Mission 26th Birthday & Winner Announcement


Mission 26th Birthday Declaration

This was my goal for my 26th birthday i.e. 23rd November 2015.
And #MissionAwesomeBirthday was totally awesome.

  • I lost 2 kgs instead of 4
  • Learnt driving completely
  • Scoured the whole town, tried over a 100 dresses and finally bought that beautiful polka dot dress I saw
  • Bought a new domain too, work is in progress
  • My hair is almost reaching waist now and I totally love it
  • Definitely more awesome than I was, I have been receiving this as a compliment too
Me at Birthday

As a part of the celebration, I had put out a puzzle at my blog and I glad to announce Nikhil G as the winner. Please email me your details. Here’s the key to the puzzle:
Solution Key
And to bring in 2016, I have more awesome plans! This is me Sherna signing off, stay tuned!



  1. super creative!do you manage the design and content all by yourself?I am impressed

  2. congratulations on achieving all your goals :). How many people can actually do that? And did you create this puzzle all by yourself?


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