January 17, 2016

First Date


First Date
The night slowly crawled in as I stood outside Starbucks watching merry couples walk by across the street.

“Bear with me, I’m a little late” he texted;
“It’s our first date” I mused to myself.

The strong coffee aroma trickled my nose and I took the vacant seat outside. “Happy Holidays” I wished my solo soul as happy crowds passed by. Sigh, I hated the wait.

“Sorry, I look shabby”. A crisp voice spoke with a happy tone. He stood there dressed in a blue shirt and slate trousers, to my left, with his hair set, shoes polished, his body entwined in an enchanting scent stronger than coffee, and grinned ear-to-ear. If this is shabby, what looks perfect? I wondered.

“Really, I don’t think so!” I sort of replied 10 seconds later. He knew he had cast a spell. No complaints ;).

We spoke studies, hobbies, colors, pets, family and corporate over coffee, chocolates & cookies. Time flew by and I loved the company.

“Let’s leave?” he quizzed.

“Can we walk a bit?” I asked with puppy eyes. Walks meant a lot to me. It gives us the “ME” time. I loved night walks with the breeze flowing through while stars twinkled around. And I wanted to walk with him. And have our first “ME” time.


His fingers found their way and entwined around mine as our steps mutually matched the flow. Smiles Exchanged. And words too!

Amongst many such words, his stubble teased my skin as he planted a kiss on my forehead and I let out a light gasp.

And then followed tiny pecks to the cheeks and the random lip-locks. We reached the metro by then and it was time to leave. He turned around and locked his eyes, slowly raising his hand for a bye, as I gave my hand into his feeling a little heartbroken and yearning for a hug, he pulled me close and enveloped me in a tight embrace.

I could feel his grin on my cheeks as I hope he felt mine.

Such a memorable fate, indeed a first date.

Relived your first date? What was it like? Share your views in the comments below!



  1. Aww...that was a truly romantic and perfect date, not sure about the first date part though! You've brought out the emotions perfectly. Ahh...to be young and in love....ecstasy :)

  2. How romantic! So much happened on the first date! ;)

  3. Wow when are you writing a full love story? Beautiful. Simple and nice

  4. what!a kiss on the first date?you guys must be crazy...;))

  5. Hmmm...this is just imagination ;0)? Mine was me eating my words and rambling some nonsense, not this romantic but even after so many years it brings a smile to my face when I think of it!


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