January 30, 2016

My #100HappyDays 2015 #ShernasHappyness


My #100HappyDays 2015 #ShernasHappyness

It was quiet evening   when I received an email which said – “Can you be happy for the last 100 days of 2015? No matter how this year has gone so far, this is your chance to make it even better.” With an initial reluctance, I signed up. How bad could it be? I might post a fake moment just for the sake of it, miss the day to post a moment, miss certain moments thinking that something can be better than this or at-most I might just stop posting one day.

“Don’t post a fake moment, at all” my colleague chipped in, as she sent a heads up across the table for me joining the event. So I set a reminder every night until the last 100 days of the year with a goal to recollect all the moments of my day and post them out.

Signup – done :: Hashtag – done :: Twitter/Instagram accounts linked – done ::  Game On!

The goal of 100happydays was to cherish even the tiniest happy moments in your life for 100 continuous days, to make us realize how tiny things contribute to more smiles as compared to the big surprises/happiness.

And what happened in my journey of #ShernasHappyness?

From day one to day 10, I scrutinized moments every night as the reminder rang and posted out relevant stuff. I realized happiness gushed in and out so many damn times!

From amazing surprise cakes, baby showers, to smiles across tables, to mom cooking my fav dishes at various occasions, sorting out my first solo trip, gorging the most amazing samosas at just Rs.9, visiting the happiness shrine(yes this happened and I didn’t even know that I was going there), meeting long lost friend at the airport, working out new ideas for productivity and achieving them too, loosing 2kgs, finding that polka dot dress, waist length hair, driving around the town, winning gifts, flowers at my desk, purchasing my own custom domain, leading successful social media campaigns, getting accolades, more readers/comments on my blogs, reunions, cooking – well, getting the exact change in my bag, giggles and more dedicated family time, blogger conferences, checking out things from tasklist, getting more love from the cat (gosh he never reciprocated before this), new born babies, reading success stories that I contributed to in milaap, planning an awesome birthday and executing it, to crazy weddings that happened finally, taking dad out (yeah that’s a challenge), glances from seniors et al. I wondered, where did the sun exactly rise from?

Happiness showed up on my face, actions, things and even from the people around me. I got more compliments, people came back and thanked me even for the tiny things I cared to do for them. People stepped up and helped me when in need and they were kind of people who weren’t even related to my problem or the ones who didn’t know that I existed :P And everyone thanked me for the share of happiness I bought! I mean, I didn’t even do much! I just spread a little bit of happiness.

I had big moments, small moments, multiple moments and even no moments. There were a few days I left office at 8 in the morning and came home at 11 in the night and I totally missed posting on random days. But my enthusiasm never went down as happiness came back around in so many ways. The only difference – was that I recognized it.

#MissionAccomplished indeed! Special thanks to all my dear friends who spread the motivation, to the ones who followed my suit, to my colleague Polo who made me determined to post only genuine happy moments and Sir Roshan who shared his experience with me as a guide!

Wanna see how #ShernasHappyness was like? – Here you go - http://bit.ly/23A23LU

Having someone to motivate you is more than just a blessing. Be that blessing to someone: Speak out that Thank you/Sorry/Compliment & give out your killer smile! Thank you to each and every person who has contributed. And oh yes, you the reader, keep that smile, you look awesome.

Have you taken the challenge? How was it like?/ Would you take the challenge?
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  1. I do believe that small things are actual boosts in life. And its really good to have a motivating person in your life.
    Post is really good. Glad you took the challenge and completed it.

  2. Congrats.. sorry for the long delay. Glad you learned what we all did - to seek out and appreciate happiness. Slowly, you find your own mindset changing and even when the bad days come by, you learn to look out for the happiness.
    Stay happy :)

  3. Just shared it on google because happiness should be spread. Right

  4. I think the whole concept of actually measuring 100 happy days is only awesome. When we seek happiness we do find it :)! Wishing you more and more days of happiness this year!


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