May 17, 2016

Transitions - The good, bad and ugly

Being a partial perfectionist, I always fancied petite arrangements, complete planning and controlled execution. But life does not tread through the path that you carved.

From February 2016 to April 2016 I took a sabbatical on my writing side as the marital bells rang and I got hitched to a loving spouse.

Sounds sweet no? hehe but that's not all. Enter - Life's games aka a personal version of GOT

While the event was merry and things went gung-ho; the situations, the fast paced decisions, decorations, preparations, opinions of a 1000 people (where some of them are almost non existent in life otherwise), moving to a new city, wedding events, resigning the job you slogged for (just before the appraisal season:/), leaving family, friends, the stray cat pet, your 10k digital photos on your home pc, bad health, scorching heat (and somehow I always wanted a summer wedding damn), that cuddly corner of your sofa, facing a death in family, sigh - You name it and I had it!

Transitions are never easy. It's time and presence of mind that helps you stay on track.

Life's never too slow. Time is precious. There might be things you have left undone, unsaid, or thought to do later. You do not know what time has in store for you or for your loved one. Do your thing now, like right now!

I am back to my writing, stay tuned for the saucy stories/fiction/poems & reviews!

Have fun!


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