June 21, 2016

10 Unique gifts for your father, husband, brother, boyfriend


Unique occasions call for unique gifts. Confused on what to gift the man in your life? Check out these unique gifting options for the unique man in your life, be it your friend, boyfriend, husband, brother, or father. The gifts cover a large age group; scour through and purchase wisely!

1.     Coloured Socks
Yes, you got that right. Who said only women like fun socks? Men do it too. Let your man #GetSocked with quirky socks, it’s time to chuck those plain boring socks. Choose amongst colours, patterns, superheroes and much more. Have a look at a few Mustang Socks.  Tip - Try to match pairs for e.g. – purchase socks similar to your or your children’s socks so that they can be worn in pairs and matching attires.

2.     Leather Accessories
Pick unique leather wallets, belts and customized leather items to increase your man’s style quotient. Like the cool, light, durable and comfortable Valentino Leather Shoes. Choose tan or brown colours or go with the usual black.

3.     Health Accessories
Everyone goes through a trying time in their lives. Be it in their youth or in the old age, having access to useful health accessories is a boon. Have a look at Senior Shelf based out of Mumbai which has an exclusive collection full of medical products, assistive devices and much more that senior citizens or even young millennials might need.

4.     Golf Accessories

Golf is a slow yet most loved game amongst the male counterparts. Check out the Golf Range from Frazer & Haws which comprises of card holders, sherwani buttons and much more unique handcrafted items.

5.     Smart-watch
Smart watches are amongst the best IoT gadgets in market and a smart gift too. Purchase an apt coloured smart watch. Make sure you check the compatibility with their smartphone before you make your purchase.

6.     The Kits

Pamper your man with exclusive kits like the fragrance kit range from The Body Shop; unique combinations of fragrances, shaving creams, hair wash creams  or the Beard & Mooch Kit bought to you by Ustraa. Available in kits and al-a-carte mode at Happily Unmarried, choose a fragrance and be ready to be charmed.

7.     Comics & Merchandise
Surprise your man with his favourite comics or superhero merchandise and see the wide smile lighten up their face. Tshirts, keychains, books, socks, bags or wallets are the usual options. Zoom in to Planet Superheroes for exclusive merchandise at great prizes.

8.     Plan an adventure
Plan an adventure that was on his mind since long or simply plan a leisure trip. Secretly book your tickets & bags; apply for leaves and surprise with an off-we-go style. Make sure you pack health kits, accessories, toiletries, shoes and comfort clothes

9.     Fitness Bands
What’s better than a fitness band for your fitness freak man! Choose from a wide range of fitbits, Mi Bands, and Jawbone Up.

10.Power Banks
All of us today have smartphones and we know how mean a low battery can be! Get a unique power bank suitable for most smartphones and tablets. To add a personal touch, customize a cover for the power bank and voila your gift is ready.

So what are you gifting? Or what unique gifts do you like? Share your views in comments below.


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