Why must we be so apart, lovers of a kind from the start;
The cookies lie there astray, half baked to my utter dismay;

I changed the drapes from black to red, yet they remind me of you instead;
The whispers you left on my cheek I hear, You feel so far yet so near;

Your beloved honeysuckle blooms every day, I can't help but look away;
That blue tee still carries your scent; one piece of unwashed laundry I resent;

How strange it is and how unfair, a long distance relationship is tough to bear;
Another whiff of smoke fades away, without blending with yours on the way;

This widening gap may swallow me whole, little love come close;
Goosebumps I still get as much, I wonder if they miss your touch;

From plump curves and messy hair, to lifeless blank walls that I now stare;
Your voice echoes on my earphones,but it doesn't last as your cologne;

Bring me to where you are, my love, for that is what I await, my paradise;
For each day I will strive, alas until my hope survives.



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