Divided we stand

The seed of this post was planted on 15th august 2012, when I put up a facebook status concerning major issues in India. This isn't a negative post on India,nor on the recent rape-cases. This post has been in writing since august 2012. I have been rigorously collecting points, insights over the past months. I had also conducted a survey to know the current youth's behavior/opinion. I am a Change Seeker and this is my view.

Yes, I literally mean that title. The quote goes "UNITED we STAND, DIVIDED we FALL". Divided; are the way we are right now. I am certainly not proud to be an Indian. I penned down the thoughts which came to me as the 65th INDIAN Independence day approached and posted it as my facebook status. It went as:
"Girls being murdered/raped, drunk driving going haphazard, merciless criminals walking free, moral police going crazy, n normal police in dilemma(gosh after all what all are they juggling with), NO; m not Proud to be an Indian as of today!"

1. Are you an Indian?
2. What is your contribution to raise this? My reply>"My VOTE,My TAXES and My OPINION"
3. Well said
4. Your wish
5. I was gonna put such a  post, thanks for posting on my behalf
5. You should check and vote only for those who deserve, we pay taxes but we should find out using RTI whether our taxes are being misused.Complaining on social media won't solve the problems. See Satyamev Jayate to know what an individual alone can do.
My reply>An individual can definitely bring about the change, but not overall. I am talking bout whole things here, its not just one topic. thus it needs a collection of individuals. I might step up to do something but i wont be able to step up for all. my issue remains the same, m not proud ...hope you get my point...:)
6. Well said. Probably you could stand alone first, talk to friends and join whoever is with you, together approach few elders, motivate as much as possible, thus thoda-thoda kar ke approach more people, especially the ones with power. Thus you will have a larger impact. We are ready to fight for our bf/gf why not against corruption?
My reply> I am gonna blog about this
7. Sure, we are waiting

One of favorite artists(a good curator) also had similar concerns,Highlighting the ones not covered above:
"Will we really be able to Open our minds and Speak Free? Get along irrespective of Caste, Religion and Race? Will the Poor, Middle Class and Rich ever put their arms over each others shoulders to show that Humanity is Much Greater than Money and Ego? Whats better, Being One Large Strong Family or Split up into a 100 groups trying to prove ur superiority over each other, eventually letting the Bigger Shark Devour us all?"

His points do make sense. Our current scenario does suck. Here goes the long version.
--Indians being targeted worldwide, racist attacks, terror targets or rather victims. And what we get as justice is tears of loved ones. Why can’t better laws and security EVER come into picture? Ok, but here we can still cite the geographical conditions.
--Haywire media frenzy, where a tweet is given more importance rather than the right news. News channels stoop to lower-than-ground levels and show crap on TV. Eg: Dog said "I Love you". I guess we better switch to All India Radio; their news bulletins make so much sense.
--Everyone criticizes the in-equipped POLICE. Have you known how BOGGED-DOWN is the police? Fake hoax calls, fake bomb calls, and many more such irrelevant stuff take up so much of time and then they have so much of work. Pending.

--Education taking a backseat in social matters. Education seems to be provided just for the sake of eradicating the low literacy rate. Simplest example is seeing our Indian flag strewn across roads and dustbins soon after national holidays.
--The only hype Indian sports persons (not cricketers) and their respective coaches get is a statement;"they are participating in Olympics " where as the lack lagistical attitude of the government is gloriously displayed. To arrange their stay, quality food, quality sports kit is nothing but Mr. India. Where are the officials sleeping for every 4 years? Why does this happen every time? Just giving good wishes, all the best messages, thru newspapers, larger-than-life banners  is that enough? and Oh, they still EXPECT MEDALS?? Man, are you crazy? It would have been a Guinness Record had our country provided and looked after proper arrangement of our spots people, we would have bagged a medal in every game we participated. On a serious note, we have only a HANDFUL of players, IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO ARRANGE QUALITY STUFF FOR OUR COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVES? IS IT? Kudos to all the sports persons who represented our country though, and bravo to all the medalists, even after the pathetic conditions you had to go through, you emerged as winners. We, commoners, Love you. Dearly.
-Where is the Love? The song by BEP makes so much sense!

The survey(India Today), targeted on the youth base, achieved a sex ratio of 70 :30 and individuals from the age group of 16 to 30. Thanks a lot to all the participants. Through this I received awesome comments and suggestion. Notice that a few options won with very less margin and some have a wide difference. Here are few insights from the survey.
-- Safety for women in India: 61% Nil;  2% Very safe; 2% Yes; 35% Can't say
-- Respect women in India in future: 45% Maybe;  37% Yes; 8% No; 10% Can't say
-- India taking steps as a developing country: 47% More steps;  24% None; 2% Ok Ok; 27% Can't say
-- Take on Racism: 90% Wrong;  2% Right; 0% Its ok; 8% Can't say
-- State of current judicial system: 76% Revamp;  21% Revise a bit; 3% Its ok; 0% No Change required
-- Inflation taking toll: 93% Yes;  7% I don't care; 0% No; 0% Can't say
-- Your belief in the constitution: 53% Adjusting;  27% Completely; 7% No; 13% Can't say
-- Are Indians Soft Targets 80% Yes;  13% No; 7% Depends who's attacking; 0% Can't say
-- Security for commoners in India: 80% Its for celebs & temples;  13% No; 7% Yes; 0% Can't say
-- Will joining system make a difference: 40% Yes;  33% Needs a group; 14% Maybe; 12% Can't say
-- Should fight against corruption: 67% Yes;  27% Its pointless; 6%No let it be; 0% Can't say
-- Stop pointing fingers on other religions: 36% Maybe;  29% No; 6% Yes; 29% Can't say
-- Unity in India: 87% Comes & fizzles on major incidents;  13% No; 0% Excellent; 0% Can't say

a) On Child Labour:
--Its a forced process.Its unacceptable.Its a crime Should be abolished,Banned,Guilty should be punished.Its a pathetic/pitiful situation
--A child's first ever right is to get educated and not to work in their underage.
--Chalata hai...ye India hai
--Child protection services hardly take notice of children working and being made to beg.
--depends what kind of jobs they r doing.
--They should be given basic education, and give them the knowledge about the job offerings in India.
--Govt. should have regular checks to maintain control over it. Specially on highways where it is far off from cities or villages.
--It is their parents, employers and a hypocrite bunch of individuals in society, who are responsible for their apathy. These kids have the best of talent,but are pitted against haplessness to take odd jobs.
--Really busy with own life that we cant look into other matters
--unfortunate reality of this country!!
--Will inform police and screw the employer

b)On the same facebook status as above
--M not proud either.unfortunately m Indian.Certainly feel sad after reading this.
--Things need to change. The change starts from within oneself. I'm changing myself. But we "Indians" should think ourselves as one nation and stand together. We are the only ones who can change India for better.
--Renaissance is the need of the hour. I still feel that there is hope for the nation that is India.
--I Love my country and I will love it till the last breath of mine. Our Indian law is the thing which should make a difference to all these crimes. We will have to strengthen our law and order in order to control all the corrupt people and the common man as well.
--Absolutely. A nation is not a lifeless piece of land, but its people. And since we Indians make up India, maybe, yes. I am slightly disgusted of this place.

--Every nation has problems, it's how the problems are tackled that matters. Lastly, I am STILL proud to be an Indian!
--Before saying 'm not proud to be an Indian as of today!" we should calculate our take i.e. what we r doing or have done to make India proud?
--Our country is constantly in a state of crisis because of divisive politicians. Even the secular parties are involved in vote bank politics. We need to stop electing them first.
--Our society is not perfect. No society is without crime. Our democracy is still a work in progress.Its only a matter of time when citizens take law into their own hands for the safety of their loved ones.
--To quote Edmund Burke "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

c) On survey/questions
--Mere Dadaji kehate the....budha ho gaya...kuch nahi badala...na badalega.....khali behati ganga me hath do lo :)
--You know what? The government should conduct a survey before every elections to know from the people how well we are developing as a country,to revamp and revoke awakening in the society.
--Framed well enough..Pertaining to social evils in India..helped me to think about the status quo of our nation
--Good work. All the best.good questions
--Privacy while recording complaints must be maintained
--This blogpost about the current condition of women and related affairs in India, should have points that make people deeply ponder and should have the content unseen in umpteen posts in the internet till now.
--They are good. To the point. But the options should be on positive side as it is on negative side.evokes a pessimistic response considering latest incident about harassment of women. Its leading to angst about the recent incident
--Indians especially are dramatic by nature and hence are involved in things before and after the "need" like surveys, protests etc. but when you are required in the "need" of the hour, ........it is like these dotted lines, nothing fills it up

--No pts of survey India will be always gonna be safe
--Amendments required (a complete overhaul to be precise)

One of my teachers said, "To change the system, you must get into it. There's no valid fighting when you are outside the system. Get in and bring the change". In today's case, one person cannot bring a change. A group of individuals, with a similar view can stand/work together and definitely bring  a change. I am a Change Seeker. An Indian Change Seeker. I am in. Are you?


  1. True! We all have a part to play as change-makers. A drastic change in attitude is needed in the mindset of our society!

  2. Sherna, I really appreciate your concern for the various evils in our Society. Yes, its painful to see the atrocities committed in various walks of life. We all need to see a CHANGE. But the change can happen from within and not from outside. Every individual needs to focus on change in himself/herself and this will ultimately result in a global change. What you and I and those who are truly enthusiastic to see the change can do is to motivate people to change their behavior, attitude towards life and rest will be history. Even if its a drop in the ocean, lets do what we can.

    Best of luck for your pursuits.

  3. I appreciate your thought process, meow.. We shouldn't be expecting the world around us to change but the world inside us to change for better.. be it personal or social... I am in.. :-)

  4. Great write up… It wont wok by banning this and that… It is all about changing the mindset..



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