10 easy tips – Stay Smart, Stay Safe, Mumbai

10 easy tips – Stay Smart, Stay Safe, Mumbai
Wonder Woman - the epitome of Smartness
Everyone knows that women today aren’t safe, almost anywhere! From crimes to domestic violence, a new story makes headlines every passing day. Mumbai, the city of dreams, isn’t far from the violence issues. Women here often venture out alone either in the day or in the night, risking themselves to all possibilities. The “Smart Suraksha” contest by BlogAdda brings out a topic I wanted to pen since long.
Here are 10 Handy Tips every woman MUST know if not follow:

1.     By heart Phone Numbers
By this I mean, by heart all your important phone numbers. Your parents, siblings, spouse, besties and neighbours (at least 1... Love thy neighbor ;)).  You may face situations when your battery is down/your mobile is stolen and you need to get in touch with a close one.
#TIP: Remember your office/school/college board line as well. It seriously helps!

2.     Spare Change
Always carry spare change in the most unused section of your bag. Few Coins and a 100 Rupee note should do. It acts as a contingency i.e. emergency fund. Keep it away from your normal sight so that you do not end up using it unnecessarily. Now you know why I highlighted the “most unused section” ;)
Penny and Penny makes Money

3.     Be Alert
You might be very eager to break news to your bestie or to gossip about that guy you saw at the store. That shouldn’t devoid you of paying attention to your surroundings. Whilst in conversation/travel, keep in mind your surroundings. Like for example, avoid mentioning the amount of money you are carrying/price of gold chain you are wearing in a public place.

4.     Locations & Landmarks
Travelling alone to some part of a city? Notice the landmarks and shops around. It helps you guide yourself or to explain it to someone to trace you.
#TIP: To know your exact location, look out for shops with address under their name. Start to read from the right, it helps you determine the city and area at one glance!

5.     Elbows & Bags
Women are prone to be touched weirdly esp. in the crowds, where it’s difficult to catch the culprit. While making your way in the crowds, keep your elbows or bags in front. They act like a shield for your upper body. Moreover, when you have bags in the front, the chances of your possessions being stolen reduces drastically.

Hold this position
6.     Act  clumsy
You are dressed for the evening is someone staring at you continuously or acting suspicious? SNEEZE, LOUDLY. Clumsiness often deters the motives of wrong doers. Blow your nose, Fake a sneeze, Scratch your head (obviously fake it all up)!

7.     Make a call
Just like the above point, if you feel suspicious or it seems that someone is following you, make a call to any 1 of your close ones. Mention the landmarks you noticed on the way, or the cab/rick number you are in. Some phones today even have the option of a “Fake call”. If you can’t call, ping them on messaging apps or use the best option – SMS! SMS is actually the most sought after option in disaster management scenarios, coz your call might not connect but an SMS does perfectly!

8.     Store helpline nos.
Newspapers and Television Ads often carry helpline nos. and other important ones like the Local Police Station, Hospital, and Ambulance etc. Store them as soon as you see them. You might need them someday.

9.     Learn self-defense
Attend free workshops or learn from your friends. It gives your confidence a big boost. Guide yourself and learn some tactics. How to save yourself from getting hurt when someone attacks you, How to dodge attackers, Hitting where and how will weaken your attacker etc.
#TIP: Watch self defense videos online. There are plenty to learn the basics :)

Learn any form, but learn atleast 1

10. Mini Aid-Kit
We all love having make-up kits with us everywhere, why not add a band-aid too? Here’s a list of items you could easily fit in with your make-up kit:
Band-aid; Tablets for Cold/Headache/Digestion like Crocin/Digene/Saridon or ENO; Pepper Spray; Tissues
#Tip: Don’t have a pepper spray? Cool, you still have your deo as a weapon :)

Finally, I am glad to share my “Smart Suraksha Tips” at BlogAdda.com in association with the “Smart Suraksha App”.

Do share this post with your girl gangs and girl buddies! Stay Safe!

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  1. The state of women has gone to this extent that apps are being used to ensue their safety....Nevertheless, a good post, especially the 6th one which is different!

  2. Thank you akash :)
    Ah yes, its a sad state for women today :/

  3. even though these would be little use to me unless some hideous monster tries to sniff at the 'poor me', i read this whole post simply for the engaging and enlightening way u hav written it.... :)

  4. thank you so much ritesh :)
    Do share it with your girl gang ^_^


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