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Poles Apart

He sees Square,I Round; It seemed we were Lost and Found. I wear Specs,He Contacts; I am Definite,He's Abstract.
He looks Up,I Down; He Smiles,I Frown. I string Acoustic,He Electric; I think Free,He's Super-centric.
His Galaxy,Mine Corby; He is Tall,M Shawty. I see Stripes,He Checks; I say Ontario,He Quebec.
He says Animals,I Pets; He says Junk,I Best. I prefer Sarcastic,He Slapstick; I prefer typing,He mouse-click;
He likes Rock,I Blues; He wears Sneakers,I Shoes. My noodles are Hakka,His Maggi; My jeans Slim-fit,His Baggy.
He wears Attitude,Me Floral; He is Social,Me Moral. My eyes Brown,His Black; I say-it-all,He holds-back.
He Walked,I Skipped; He stood in shade,In rain I dripped. I say Bloo,He Red; We fell apart instead.
Guess It was destined from the start, We were Poles Apart..!!!