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Fooled by Food

Disclaimer – Before you jump into the masterpiece (err too much eh?) written below, here’s a look at the one of the life goals our author follows:

Apron Patisserie – Breach Candy Review

When I first placed an order for a box of assorted cupcakes, I had many questions in my mind. But when I took the first bite, my inhibitions flew away! Read on to explore Apron Patisserie & my experience with the yummy cupcakes.

Let your tee speak for you - U.S Polo Assn t-shirts

Tee shirts or T-shirts – can you live without it? No answer needed for this one. T-shirts are an all time favorite for men. So what are the common types available? How branded tshirts matter? Let’s have a look.

Cheesy Alfredo Penne Pasta – Recipe Amul

I made this. Today. #AchievementUnlocked. I loved it. Nom Nom. So I decided to share it. *Does the victory dance

In our next life, at the salsa class - Book Review

Book: In our next life, at the salsa class Author: Praveen P. Gopinath Publisher: North Carter Publishing House Genre: Fiction/Romantic Level (Easy/Medium/Hard): Easy Price (as printed): 160 INR
To buy the book – click here or here
Summary: A seemingly simple plot with a different twist, the book keeps you hooked post 3 chapters. A quick and different type of read. I liked the way the story keeps you guessing even after reading the summary at the back. I recommend this book for all those who prefer Indian authors. I rate this book 3.5/5

Get the right shoes – Bacca Bucci Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of one’s lifestyle. Though it’s easier to buy those cheap make-do shoes from the flea markets, the right branded shoe can make a lot of positive difference to your body.
How does a shoe matter?

Be Eye-Catching this Summer – Fastrack Springers, Eyewear & Watches